Boneyard – Pool /Ice Rink Ride

Difficulty: Difficult
Accessibility: Bike, Hike, Horse
Trail Length: 6.04 miles
Elevation Gain: 1607 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1613 ft.
Trail time: 2:00
Highlights: Gradual climb, steep descent, great views

The uphill on Boneyard is winding single track set within the pinyon/ juniper trees of East Eagle. The climb is fairly gradual, and flattens out around mile marker 1. The trail continues to climb, offering great views of Red Canyon and the Eagle River all the way to the top around mile 3.4 After riding on Bellyache for a short section, the trail turns onto double track that begins an almost immediate descent on Pool/ Ice Rink trail. This section is very steep and riders should stay in control. Check out the elevation map by clicking on the right, we are talking 500 feet of 30° downhill slope! The trail flattens out at the base and then does a short climb up to Upper Kaibab area and then down to the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink where the trail ends at the recreation path. This trail can be ridden in both directions but it is highly recommended to be ridden from Boneyard to Pool/ Ice Rink.

Alternate route: Some people like to ride up Bellyache Road instead of the Boneyard trail to the Pool & Ice Trail.

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