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Feeling like a million bucks is easy on Eagle’s world-class mountain bike trails!  Our trail system is unique, with over 100 miles of singletrack mountain biking.  Built with all levels of riders in mind, your journey will take you over a variety of winding singletrack through high desert, aspen groves and dense, fragrant evergreen forests. Being the banana belt of the Rockies has its advantage too. Our town-owned open space trails are open April 15-December 15 every year, yielding about 4 more months of riding then our mountain town neighbors. BLM trails such as Boneyard, Redneck Ridge and the first 2 loops of the Haymaker Trail stay open year-round. The descent of Pool & Ice rink is closed but lower pool and ice rink is open up to the BLM Gate.

Eagle is located directly off I-70, so staying and riding with us is easy and affordable!

Looking for more mountain biking trail and map information?  Try the MTB Project or Mountain Bike Eagle.

abrams ridge bike Eagle CO

Abrams Gulch/Abrams Ridge

A shorter version of West Eagle.  The ride only has one section of steep climbing, and the downhill on Abrams Ridge is fun and challenging. 8.3 miles, difficult.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Mountain Bike Trail

Abrams Gulch/Tick Alley/Elmers

This is a solid ride that takes every section in the order and direction that best utilizes their traits. 9.9 miles, difficult.  Map + Info >

Mountain Bike Eagle CO

Abrams Gulch/World’s Greatest/Elmers Ride

This ride begins with a twisty single track on Abrams Ridge. After descending Elmer’s there is a short climb up School House Rock to end the ride.  Map + Info >

abrams cmchatten Eagle CO Mountain Bike

Abrams Ridge/McHatten/Pole Rd/Horton

Abrams Ridge presents some challenges both physically and technically as the starting section for this ride. Eventually becomes less technical and more straightforward. 9.7 miles, difficult.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Mountain Bike Trails

Abrams Ridge/Star Wars/School House Rock

Abrams Ridge starts off this ride with some physical and technical uphill.  Some sections may need to be walked, and there is some exposure. 10 miles, very difficult.  Map + Info >

boneyard hike Eagle CO

Boneyard – Pool/Ice Rink

Enjoy views to Red Canyon and New York Mountain. Steep descent on Pool/Ice Rink.  6.04 Miles.  Difficult.  Map + Info >

boneyard redneck ridge Bike Eagle CO

Boneyard/Red Neck Ridge

Boneyard and Red Neck Ridge offer some of the best single track in Eagle. The climb up Boneyard is fairly gradual. 5.83 miles, Moderate.  Map + Info >

tick alley hike Eagle CO

Elmers/Tick Alley/Elk Drop/Star Wars

This ride is very long with a lot of uphill.  However the downhill sections are worth the trip, especially Star Wars. 9.6 miles, difficult.  Map + Info >

Haymaker Trail Eagle CO


Professionally built to host the Colorado High School Cycling League State Championships, the Haymaker Trail incorporates everything from fast, flat lower sections to a steep, windy slalom-style descent. 5.4 miles, easy.  Map + Info >

Mountain Bike West Eagle CO

Hockett/Tick Alley/World’s Greatest/Elmers

This trail is one of the shortest, most to the point rides in West Eagle.  It is a good starter ride to see what riding in West Eagle is all about. 7.7 miles, very difficult.  Map + Info >

mayer gulch Mountain Bike ride Eagle CO

Mayer Gulch/Hardscrabble/Pipeline

Hardscrabble and Pipeline offer a glimpse into the variety Eagle’s trails have to offer. Pipeline in particular offers some of the most scenic sections in Eagle. 11 miles, moderate.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Mountain Biking


This is a great trail to get your legs under you.  The small loop offers great views of Brush Creek and up to New York Mountain. 4.36 miles, easy.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Mountain Bike

Second Gulch/Pipeline/Third Gulch

Second Gulch offers the shortest route that includes Pipeline.  However, cutting out most of Hardscrabble Road means steeper climbs over a shorter distance.  10.38 miles, moderate.  Map + Info >

second gulch third gulch Eagle CO mountain bike

Second Gulch/Third Gulch

This is a very simple trail with few turns.  The ride up Second Gulch is gradual until the end when it starts to climb rapidly.  The last half mile is steep and may warrant a bike walk. 5.8 miles, difficult.  Map + Info >

Mountain Bike Eagle CO

Third Gulch/Pipeline

This trail is the fastest way to ride Pipeline, and the easiest.  The climb on Third Gulch is fairly mild. 8.3 miles. moderate.  Map + Info >

turniphead-mayer hike Eagle CO

Turniphead/Mayer Gulch/Bailey

This trail is a great introduction to mountain biking in Eagle.  Along with Riddle/ Wall this trail demonstrates the challenges and joys of the sport, all within a short, closed loop.  Map + Info >

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