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Come on down to the river and check out features 3 & 4!

The town of Eagle has completed the first phase of the Eagle River Park construction: this includes construction of the in-stream features 3 & 4 of the Whitewater Park, which opened this summer. Construction of in-stream features 1 & 2 is anticipated to begin in September.

  • Phase 1 of the Upland Park projects completed this summer include:
    • Parking lot has been turned over to Eagle county for Fair and Rodeo
    • Meadow’s Path
    • Foundation, and frame for the restroom facility
  • In process:
    •  restroom facility roof and utilities: mechanical, electrical & plumbing work has begun
  • Phase 2 of in-steam construction is projected to begin this September.

8/23/18: bathroom facility progress

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Check out the current view of the park.  This photo is updated every 10 minutes.

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ERP Phase 1 Illustration

Eagle River Park – Phase 1 Construction – Spring 2018

Eagle River Park - Visionary Plan

Eagle River Park – Visionary Plan

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The Eagle River Park project is a 4.3-acre park including two main components; the in-stream design and construction of a new world class whitewater park and the Upland Park  parcel on the north side of the Colorado River. The Eagle River Park project wraps along the Eagle River near the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Grounds and Chambers Park.

The River Park is part of the Eagle River Corridor Plan established in 2015. In April of 2016, town of Eagle voters approved a 0.5% sales tax to fund a variety of park and trail improvements including the River Park project.

There are two main components of the 4.3 acre project:

  • In-stream design and construction of the whitewater park.
  • Upland park design and construction on the north side of the river.

This project aims to build upon the Town of Eagle’s outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities by creating a world class whitewater park that will serve the members of our community and will provide a venue for whitewater competitions, events and more!

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