Why do the world’s top adventure racers and trail runners live here?  It’s simple.  Our multi-use trails are spectacular.  Whatever your mood, whatever the day, rediscover the inherent joy of being one with nature.  The tranquility of Eagle’s trail system is amazing.  Forge your route for the day and feel like a pioneer.  The diversity of trails in Eagle allows hikers of all abilities to cherish their time with nature and enjoy.  Flat terrain, rolling hills or challenging climbs are all possibilities.  Bring the family, friends or enjoy a me vacation on Eagle’s trails.  Hikers and trail runners are welcome at all our lodges.  Come stay with us!

browns loop hike Eagle CO

Brown’s Loop Trail

Situated at Yeoman Park Campground. Along East Brush Creek with marshes, mountain views and wildflowers.  1.6 miles, Easy.  Map + Info >

hernage gulch hike Eagle CO

Hernage Gulch Trail

Hernage Creek is one of the only hikes in Eagle Ranch that is not open to mountain bikes. Secluded. Out and back, 3 miles, easy.  Map + Info >

iron edge hike Eagle CO

Iron Edge Trail

The hike offers spectacular views for most of its length.  Although this trail is the same distance as Lake Charles Trail it brings hikers out of the valley and up to the ridge for a more alpine experience. Out and back, 12 miles.  Map + Info >

mckenzie gulch hike Eagle CO

McKenzie Gulch Trail

McKenzie Gulch Trail takes hikers through large pockets of Aspen trees as it climbs gradually upward, creating an easy, isolating retreat into the White River National Forest.  5.6 miles, moderate difficulty.  Map + Info >

lake charles hike Eagle CO

Lake Charles Trail

Leading hikers to one of the most scenic lakes in the area the Lake Charles Trail follows East Brush Creek from the Fulford Cave parking area.  Out and back, 12 miles.  Map + Info >

mount thomas hike Eagle CO

Mount Thomas Trail

Providing some of the best views in the Eagle area, the Mount Thomas Trail takes hikers along the Red Table Mountain ridgeline.  16 miles.  Map + Info >

New york mtn trail Eagle CO

New York Mountain Trail

New York Mountain Trail offers the shortest hike between parking area and staggering views.  The hike starts by passing through the historic and abandoned Polar Star Mine, a once productive mine in the Fulford area.  Map + Info >

nolan lake hike Eagle CO

Nolan Lake

This trail is entirely uphill to Nolan Lake, but the lake and views are worth the effort.  The trail itself offers few challenges outside of the climb itself.  Map + Info >

Abrams Ridge

Abrams Ridge

Beginning at the Abrams Creek trail head this hike provides a variety of terrain and difficulty. The trail offers two options for dropping down to Abrams Gulch.  Map + Info >

tick alley hike Eagle CO

Tick Alley/Elmers/Horton

This is a good hike with some interesting single track on Tick Alley and Elmer’s. Starting on Abrams Gulch the hike starts with a fairly mild climb.  Map + Info >

abrams gulch hike Eagle CO

Abrams Gulch/World’s Greatest/Horton

A gentle, scenic climb on Abrams Gulch begins this ride. After descending Elmer’s there is a short climb up School House Rock to end the hike.  Map + Info >

abrams ridge hike Eagle CO

Abrams Ridge/McHatten/Pole Rd/Horton

Difficult start on Abrams Ridge.  Flat and downhill for the middle of the hike with good single track on Fast Times to Pole Road.  Map + Info >

Abrams Ridge, Star Wars Hike Eagle CO

Abrams Ridge/McHatten/Star Wars/Horton

This is a long hike that starts and ends with climbs.   After reaching the top the trail is mild with a long downhill on double track past McHatten Reservoir. Map + Info >

boneyard hike Eagle CO

Boneyard – Pool/Ice Rink

Enjoy views to Red Canyon and New York Mountain. Steep descent on Pool/Ice Rink.  6.0 Miles.  Medium Difficulty.  Map + Info >

horton elmers tick alley hike

Elmers/Tick Alley/Star Wars/Horton

A long trail that goes into the heart of West Eagle with 2500 ft. elevation gain. 9.7 miles, difficult.  Map + Info >

hockett horton hike Eagle CO

Horton/Hockett/Tick Alley/World’s Greatest/Horton

This hike begins from Horton Street in Eagle Ranch. After a very short climb, turn onto Horton Trail.  7.6 miles, difficult with 2,134 elevation gain.  Map + Info >

second gulch hike Eagle CO

Second Gulch/Hardscrabble/Pipeline/Third Gulch

A long walk up Hardscrabble Road defines the first half of this trail. The climb is very gradual, but long, and offers views of the New Yorks as you climb higher.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Hike

Second Gulch/Pipeline/Third Gulch

This hike offers the best way to access Pipeline as part of a loop.  There is a good moderate climb up to the Hardscrabble Connector.  Map + Info >

second gulch turniphead hike Eagle CO

Second Gulch/Riddle/Wall/Turniphead

This hike shows off the best parts of Eagle Ranch, all within a short, convenient loop.  The trail is fairly flat with good exposure to the surrounding valley. 4.4 miles, moderate.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Hike

Second Gulch/Third Gulch Trail

This hike consists of two long, gradual hills in Second and Third Gulches that are connected by a short, steep section.  5.81 miles, moderate.  Map + Info >

sneve gulch Eagle CO

Sneve Gulch Trail

One of the more physically demanding hikes in the Eagle area.  The hike begins just North of Sylvan Lake and immediately climbs above the lake. 16 miles RT, difficult.  Map + Info >

Eagle CO Hike

Third Gulch/Pipeline/Third Gulch

This is the fastest way to hike Pipeline.  Hiking up Third Gulch is fairly mild with slightly steeper climbs towards the end of Third. 8.3 miles, moderate.  Map + Info >

turniphead-mayer hike Eagle CO

Turniphead/Mayer Gulch/Bailey

This trail is a great option for a quick hike close to Eagle.  It is composed mostly of mild single track with gradual uphills and downhills. 4.33 miles, moderate.  Map + Info >

yeoman discovery trail Eagle CO

Yeoman Discovery Trail

The Yeoman Discovery Trail aims to bring visitors closer to nature by asking them to use all of their senses to experience this short, accessible trail. 0.1 miles, easy.  Map + Info >

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