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Eagle is home to Game Management Unit 44, one of the most coveted deer areas in the Western states. It’s bordered by the Sawatch Ranch and the Eagle River, with elevation climbs from 6,000’ featuring sagebrush and pinyon, to 11,000’ above tree line. Deer herds are scattered throughout Eagle’s wilderness from 6,500’ to timberline, moving to the lower elevations as snow arrives. The aspen, open parks and shrublands provide for great deer hunting as the snow thickens. Elk are generally found a bit higher in altitude then deer, 7000’ to above timberline. Hunters concentrate on large stands of dark timber and larger wilderness areas as elk seek the deeper canyons and dark timber areas away from roads.

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Eagle River – one of Colorado’s last remaining freestone rivers – features access to the best fly fishing in the Rocky Mountain high country.

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