Second Gulch  – Third Gulch Ride

Difficulty: Advanced
Accessibility: Bike, Hike, Horse
Trail Length: 5.81 miles
Elevation Gain: 1096 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1097 ft.
Trail time: 1:45
Highlights: Simple, straight forward trail, steep uphill/downhill on Second-Third connector

This is a very simple trail with few turns.  The ride up Second Gulch is gradual until the end when it starts to climb rapidly.  The last half mile is steep and may warrant a bike walk.  The downhill to the creek crossing is also very steep and should be ridden very carefully.  After crossing the creek, which may be deep depending on the season, turn right and begin the ride down Third Gulch.  The descent on Third Gulch is all downhill to the parking area.  Two cattle guards offer the only technical parts to this section.  This ride offers few views but is a quick way to earn the downhill on Third Gulch.

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