Second Gulch – Pipeline – Third Gulch Hike

Difficulty: Advanced
Accessibility: Hike, Bike, Horse
Trail Length: 10.38 miles
Elevation Gain: 2009 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1972 ft.
Trail time: 2:15
Highlights: A steep climb from Second Gulch to Hardscrabble Road, Creek, Aspen Grove

This hike offers the best way to access Pipeline as part of a loop.  There is a good moderate climb up to the Hardscrabble Connector.  From there to Hardscrabble Road provides the most difficult climb.  This climb is challenging but is over a fairly short section, and once on Hardscrabble Road the hike is very flat.  The hike down Pipeline is very scenic.  The hike concludes with a mild downhill on Third Gulch all the way to the parking area.

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