New York Mountain Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Accessibility: Hike, Horse
Trail Length: 4.4 miles
Elevation Gain: 1249 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1177 ft.
Trail time: 2:00
Highlights: Spectacular alpine views, columbine flowers at high altitudes, magnificent, broad views of the valley ranging from Gypsum to Edwards, and south towards Aspen

New York Mountain Trail offers the shortest hike between parking area and staggering views.  The hike starts by passing through the historic and abandoned Polar Star Mine, a once productive mine in the Fulford area.  The trail meets up shortly thereafter with a larger trail heading up toward the summit.  Once the trail emerges from timberline, it is recommended that the hiker make a short detour, taking a left on the trail and hiking to the already visible ridge.  This yields incredible views of the valley and peaks of the New York Range.  The original trail heads south above timberline for the most part, passing a few mining relics.  If followed to its conclusion, the trail brings the hiker to Nolan Lake, a fair distance from the parking area.  This trail is an out-and-back trail and hikers may choose to return at any point.

A mild out-and-back hike the New York Mountain Trail offers hikers many rewards.  This hike features a mostly alpine setting with great views of the valley and the mountain range itself.

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