Iron Edge Trail ViewIron Edge Trail

Difficulty: Difficult
Accessibility: Hiking, Horseback
Trail Length: 12.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 1786 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1557 ft.
Trail time: 4:00
Highlights: Scenic Mountain Lakes, Distant Surrounding Views, Wildflowers, Camping

The Iron Edge Trail officially begins at the Fulford Cave Trail Head, however the trail is intersected at the Peter Estin Hut on Hat Creek Road.  For a shorter hike it is recommended hikers begin here.  Parking is provided at the trail head.  The hike begins climbing through trees and after a short while emerges above timberline, providing views north and south.  The trail climbs up to the ridgeline, follows the ridge for a portion, and then drops down to Lake Charles.  The hike offers spectacular views for most of its length.  Although this trail is the same distance as Lake Charles Trail it brings hikers out of the valley and up to the ridge for a more alpine experience.  The trail has a few sections that are fairly steep but otherwise is not technically difficult.  Established camping sites surround Lake Charles as well as Mystic Island Lake.  It is recommended that hikers take the extra effort to visit Mystic Island Lake.

The most dramatic hike in the Eagle area, Iron Edge Trail offers constant views of various peaks as well as distant views of the surrounding valleys.  TheLakeoffers fishing and relaxing in a scenic location.

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