hernage gulchHernage Gulch Trail

Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Hike
Trail Length: 3.00 miles
Trail time: 1:00
Highlights: Creek, Aspen Grove, Settlement Ruins

Hernage Creek is one of the only hikes in Eagle Ranch that is not open to mountain bikes.  The trail begins at the gate on Hernage Creek Road.  The first portion is on gravel road, but after a short distance hikers should turn left onto single track.  Shortly after this there is a creek crossing that can be deep depending on the season.  The hike from here follows the creek along single and fading double track.  The end of the hike is not clear and hikers are able to continue as long as they desire.  In order to view the ruins hikers must cross the creek and head west.  This hike is great for peace and quiet as there will not be other activities along this trail.  Flowers can be plentiful early to mid summer.

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