Abrams Ridge-McHatten-Star Wars-Horton Hike

Difficulty: Difficult
Accessibility: Hike, Bike, Horse
Trail Length: 10.00 miles
Elevation Gain: 2244 ft.
Elevation Loss: 2389 ft.
Trail time: 3:30
Highlights: A long trail, Views of the Valley toward Gypsum from top of Abrams Ridge

This is a long hike that starts and ends with climbs.  Abrams Ridge begins the ride with a challenging climb on single track.  After reaching the top the trail is mild with a long downhill on double track past McHatten Reservoir.  After turning off of Service Road 8384 the trail climbs up to connect with Star Wars.  Star Wars offers a tight single track hike to Pole Road. Once on Pole Road hikers have the choice of a longer hike on single track or a shorter ride along Pole Road. The ride ends after a short climb back up School House Rock and descent to Horton trail head.

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