Eagle River Park Progress Update – 9/25/17

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Upland Park Update, Phase I Construction Bids & Project Budget
Construction beginning on the whitewater park – Late Fall 2017!

Thank you for staying engaged as we move forward with this project.

  • The design for the whitewater park is complete.
  • The Eagle River Park (whitewater park and Upland Park) will be built in phases.
  • Phase I construction includes the 4 in-stream features of the whitewater park and pedestrian/maintenance path along the park.
  • The Town published the RFQP (Request for Qualifications/Proposals) for whitewater construction bids on September 22, 2017.
  • Whitewater contractors will be selected in October 2017 with work beginning in late fall 2017.
  • Discussions continue on parking needs for the Fair & Rodeo, which include options for moving some parking needs to other locations nearby.
  • Once the parking needs are resolved, the project team will finalize the park design and develop the initial phasing plan for Upland Park.
  • Contractors for the Upland Park construction will be procured after the design is complete.

Project Budget and Fundraising

The overall estimated budget for the Eagle River Park (including whitewater and upland parks) is $5.9 million. A sales tax bond will pay for Phase I and Phase II construction costs, and the Town will repay the bond with the anticipated revenue from the 0.5% sales tax, approved by Eagle voters in 2016. Below is a rough breakdown of cost and construction phasing.

  • Phase I | Whitewater Park (construction Fall 2017)
  • Phase II | Initial Construction of Upland Park (construction Spring 2018)
  • Phase III | Additional projects to improve connections to the park and other items identified during the design process (not included in the $5.9 million project budget)
    • Finishes on the Upland Park and items not funded in Phase II
    • Improvements to the Exhibit Hall Parking Area
    • Path connection from Eagle River Park to “Fishing is Fun” Bridge
    • Improvements to Chambers Park boat ramp
    • Connection from Broadway to Chambers Park (bridge connection on Town property)

A number of Upland Park features are envisioned to enhance the Park, but may not be included in the preliminary estimated budget, based on final construction cost estimates. These features are being reviewed by the project team and a community survey will be issued to identify priorities.

The Town of Eagle engaged a grant writer to identify and apply for grants aimed to complement the Eagle River Park plan and future park enhancements and connections (see Phase III description above).

A volunteer citizen’s committee has been established to raise private funds that can be used to support the Eagle River Park, including funding for enhanced park features and future pedestrian trail connections.

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