Eagle Eddy – January 14 2019 Update

 In Eagle River Park

The Eagle River Park project team made a few modifications before the rewatering of the features last month. This decision followed  discussions, modeling (of water velocities & characteristics through the features) and site visits with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) on the approved and completed Phase 2 water diversions.The modification is to the water velocities and characteristics through feature 3. This slight change specifically addresses any unpredictable effects to fish passage. The installation of the concrete “half hemispheres” or bollards on feature 3 was completed on December 20th, achieving the desired change. (see image below)

The river, riparian zone health and fisheries continue to be a priority for the project team and the Town of Eagle. This is and has been a key focus on the design, construction and completed park. Thus, the town and project team continue to make proactive efforts related to the aquatic environment, like this modification. The CPW, USACE and other stakeholders provide insights and feedback that ultimately help our project team deliver a quality approach and finished park.

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Eagle River Park