Eagle Eddy – April 17, 2018

 In Eagle River Park

Eagle River Park Fundraising Update

In March, the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board awarded the Town of Eagle a $350,000 grant that will be used to build the Upland  Park portion of Eagle River Whitewater Park.

GOCO funds will go into the overall budget for the upland park and will help the town pay for the construction of the parking lot, bathrooms, picnic pavilions, tables, benches, paths, and access ramps, and add native vegetation to the river park.

Additional fundraiser efforts are under way through grant opportunities and a citizen fundraising effort.  Excavation work will accommodate a new entrance along Fairgrounds Road to maximize parking and minimize highway noise.

The town will build enough covered picnic seating for 50 people and will build a 6,000-square-foot lawn in addition to a gear staging area that can fit long trailers or vendor tents during events. Ultimately, the park will connect to the Eagle Valley Trail as part of another GOCO-funded project that will build out the trail to Horn Ranch Open Space.

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