Eagle River Park Design Update – 8/25/17

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Design Update on the Eagle River Park

Eagle County, the property owner, and the Town of Eagle, the project lead, are excited to be moving forward towards the final design of the Eagle River Park. Both entities have been working together for two years to achieve the joint goals of maintaining an award-winning rodeo event and transforming a gravel lot into a year-round community asset and world-class whitewater park.

The balance of determining adequate number of parking spaces is challenging and requires continued data collection, refinement of user data and information, design iterations, and brainstorming.

The county collected data from the July 2017 rodeo events to verify earlier estimates on existing rodeo functions and identified that the current parking configuration is not sufficient.

The Eagle River Park final site plan will analyze options for parking for the Eagle County Fairgrounds which may have implications to the project design and budget. Both the Fair & Rodeo and the whitewater park are key components to the future vision of the town and Eagle County and both entities are working together on a resolution.

After the Eagle River Park is complete, the parking lot will be dedicated to rodeo operations during the event and the county will implement a parking management plan to execute the Fair & Rodeo with limited impact to the contestants and river users.


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