Oktoberfest and Half Marathon soon to come back in Eagle, Colorado

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Germans are usually known for their industriousness rather than their party and merrymaking abilities. But there is one festival where the Germans break this stereotype successfully and have singlehandedly won the world over. The festivity I speak of is Oktoberfest – the 16-day festival which is also known as the largest fun fair in the world.

The Oktoberfest is so popular and loved, that almost every country around the world has several towns and cities celebrating it. Even if they don’t go all out for a 16-day affair, they still mark out at least one or two days in its name. So it is a no-brainer that Eagle Valley has done the same and incorporated the festival in its itinerary of celebrations.

Eagle Valley, Colorado

Anyone who knows anything about Eagle Valley will know that they love to celebrate anything and everything. The townspeople are known for their amicable nature and for their ability to welcome each visitor into their town and festivals as warmly as their own. However, most of the fests held at Eagle are usually sport, health and fitness centric, which is natural given the state of Colorado’s abundant explorable land, water and air. But the celebration of Oktoberfest deviates from this line. How? Read on.


The whole of August was a busy month in Eagle. The programs and festivals hosted included concerts, derbies, mushroom and wine festival and a number of fitness expos with 5 days of Yoga training the Eagle Town Park. Yet again we see an abundance of health and fitness related activities amidst all the merry making. The coming month of September will however see a number of new programs along with the athletics related ones. For e.g. the Wheels & Wings Show on September 6th & 7th, Autumn Classic Golf Tournament on 12th September, The Cycle Effect Haymaker Bike Race, the Eagle River Cleanup, Cyclocross Race, Eagle Ranch Pumpkin Patch on 27th of September to be held at Brush Creek Pavilion & Park and the Oktoberfest Half Marathon & 5K on 27th of September to be held at Gypsum.

The half-marathon and 5K foot race and Oktoberfest at Gypsum

Sponsored by the town of Gypsum and its chamber of commerce, these festivities are going to be hosted at Lundgren Theatre Park 12pm to 6pm. Amongst the featuring items’ list there are going to be

A live performance of German music along with bluegrass band (local),

German cuisine

Local brews will be sold by Bonfire Brewing.

However sports, which is like oxygen for the town of Eagle also finds its way around the program hence, we see the marathons. Nonetheless if a 13mile run seems too much for you, yet you still want to take part in such an event, you can always sign up  for the  fun run/walk through town.

Once the races are done with the merrymaking commences, with the local brews, Bavarian music, and German cuisine their speciality Bratwurst and so on. For further information you can look up the official sites of the town.

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