Eagle YogaFest is coming to town on October 3rd

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Eagle Valley, Colorado takes the health of its members very seriously. Due to this reason and the abundance of natural terrain which has been put to good use by the locals, Colorado has earned for itself the title of the fittest state in the whole of the nation. However, health does not imply only our physical condition; it is a comprehensive term representing the well being of both our physical and mental lives. And Eagle, Colorado pays attention to both, therefore aside from all the programs celebrating and showcasing high powered sports like mountain biking, marathon, hiking, skiing etc. it also includes programs stressing on the usefulness of yoga i.e. Eagle Yogafest.

The Eagle YogaFest is Vail Valley’s annual Yoga centric Festival which provides training in yoga and meditation over a period of 3 days.

Why yoga?

The benefits of yoga are almost common knowledge today and its importance widely expected. Yoga has wide ranging benefits as it affects our mind, body and soul altogether. Some common benefits includes

Greater flexibility

Better posture

Increases immunity

Increases concentration and self awareness

Helps in losing weight and so on.

However, the most important service yoga does to us in the contemporary world is that, it helps us restore the balance in an agitated mind. With the world getting flooded with technology man’s life might have become easier in many ways, but we have lost peace of mind, concentration, self awareness and the ability to be aware of immediate surrounding and being in tune with them. This has finally resulted in the erosion of our interpersonal and intrapersonal bonds. Thus, the necessity of Yoga is felt all the more today. Further, yoga is something which once you have picked up, you can do on your own, at home or the park without the assistance of trainers and heavy equipments. Thereby, it is the most accessible of all forms of fitness regimes.

The program

This year’s Eagle YogaFest is to be held from the 3rd till the 5th of October at 909, Capitol Street, Eagle, Colorado. The theme of this year’s event is Unity aimed at enriching the community as a whole and paving the path to positive changes in the society as a whole. The three day session is going to include training classes under the tutelage of trainers like Amy Baker, Dave Farmar, RR Shakti, Jim Keegan, Yoga Slackers, Gina Caputo, Jessica Jolie, Julia Clarke, Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams, Tara Goike and Yvonne Schwartz. The program includes events which are free for all as well those reserved for some special categories. The different sessions are marked for different levels of yoga practitioners i.e. from beginners to higher up. Registration begins on the 3rd of October at 3p.m. Saturday. The classes start at 8.30 in the morning with Introduction to Baptiste Yoga and the day ends with a bonfire brew party open for all (starting at 9p.m.).

Sunday classes commence with meditation at 7.15 a.m. and the final segment i.e. Agro yoga begins at 3.30 p.m.

For further information on the program as well as news on tickets you can look up the official site of eagleyogafest.com.

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