It’s time for the Wheels and Wings show at Colorado

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Eagle Valley, Colorado celebrates everything from its people to local brews, cuisine, music, sports and the list goes on. But largely, the town is associated with sports and athletics, all things that get your adrenaline rushing. And why wouldn’t the case be so? After all, Colorado is probably the biggest naturally made (tweaked here and there by humans) playground available on earth. The mountains, lands, water, and skies –everything is accessible to one and all.

This very spirit gets reflected in each and every carnival, fair, festival or celebration that is hosted in the town, and the one single most comprehensive show, which showcases the best in line of the automotive trifecta of a) auto, b) aircraft and c) motorcycle show in Western Colorado is known as Wheels & Wings Show, coming to the Eagle County Regional Airport, this 6th of September.

What is it?

As mentioned above it is one single, comprehensive show for auto, aircraft and motorcycles. Entering into its 5th year, this program is hosted annually by The Vail Automotive Classic. Being a unique show of its kind, this open expo of cars draws in masses by the thousands. The programme is hosted over a chosen weekend and is the signature show of The Vail Automotive Classic.

With each passing year the registrants’ number keeps increasing exponentially and brings in some of the most expensive and rare models of automobiles seen. The list of items to be showcased on the expo of 2012 i.e. just its 3rd anniversary included a Bugatti Veyron, the retail value of which is estimated to be over $2 million. Though only in its 5th year, this program has earned quite a name in its business. Thus, nowadays one can find increasing participation of not just cars and motorbikes but also the presence of different kinds of planes and helicopters from all over the nation.

This year’s show itinerary includes the usual open expo of cars, aircraft, and motorcycles, along with, two aerobatics shows that will surely hit home with viewers of all age demographics. For this particular year, the Porsche has been decided upon as the Featured Marquee and the celebration will also include the commemoration of the Ford Mustang’s half century.

What are the special Features?

  • As mentioned above, this year there are going to be 2 aerobatics shows to wow the crowd. They are going to be brought by – Rower Airshows’ Gary Rower and Buck Roetman of Wild Horse Aviation. The first show is to start at 11 a.m., the second show is scheduled for 3 p.m.
  • For the best experience it is recommended that one gets access to the VIP viewing area tent, tickets for which can be purchased for $85 in advance or $100 at the gate. But these tickets are limited so one must book a.s.a.p. Other tickets are $20 for Adults, $5 for Children of ages above 5, rest get in for free.
  • After the Wheels and Wings show next is the Vail Automotive Classic Auto Auction in the 3rd Hangar from 3:30 to 6 p.m.
  • Aside from all of this, like any other fair and carnival there are going to be lots of treats.

For more information on the program and booking tickets for the VIP tent one can use the official site of Vail Automotive or Vail Valley Jet centre.

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