Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed 4-h Benefit

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All about the Rocky Mountain Oyster feed 4-h benefit

Summer can be dubbed as party time for the state of Colorado as a whole. Every town within its folds comes out to kick off the season with its own kind of festivities e.g. flight days, gypsum daze, barrel race, Eagle outside festival etc.  The celebrations cover all kinds of events from athletic to artistic, and of course each festival has its own set of carnival attractions, food stalls and entertaining contests. Each program has become a part of the state’s tradition now and is designed to make the townspeople feel like one big family.
One such festival, which also has probably one of the noblest causes behind it, is the ‘Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed’.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed 4-H Benefit, March 15th                                                                                                                                    

Running for approximately 6 decades now, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed festival has got its heart in the right place. The fest which began with hosting a few, has now spread to host multiple thousands every year, and focuses on helping young fire fighters fund for their training. In essence, it is a fundraiser; it gathers enough donations to help volunteer fire fighters train and graduate into their future roles. Thus, it is a traditional function serving a noble cause flavored with fun.

The odd tradition

However, there is an extremely odd tradition involved in the festival. If you have still not guessed it, let me tell you this- here oysters don’t mean what you probably think oysters are.  Rocky Mountain oysters are actually bull calf testicles prepared especially for your consumption.

Think it is too weird? 

But, this has been a longstanding tradition on this part of the country. This festival promises some of the best oyster preps you can ever expect from anywhere, and those who have had it swear that they taste like finger steak. So if you’re not one to easily shy away from unusual food, drop by Eagle at the time of the Oyster feed festival and have your first taste. But if the idea itself makes you feel squeamish, don’t worry it is not obligatory to taste the so called Oysters, there are plenty of other activities you can participate in to feel like a part of the townsfolk.

No matter whether or not you like these oysters, there are plenty of other activities you can take part in while at the festival. Following are the programs making up the benefit:

  • Dinner of all you can eat (not just oysters) will kick off the evening. The timing for the feast is from 6p.m to 8 p.m.
  • Next comes a big part of any benefit i.e. the auctions. This 4-H benefit holds a live and silent auction with varied prizes like golf passes etc.
  • The evening will be wrapped up by ‘Last Walt’, the farewell performance of the local band ‘Airborn’.
  • Apart from these events you will also find an all time accessible cash bar and dirt dancing.

All proceeds collected from the evening will be going to fund for the training of the volunteers and for the Eagle County Fair awards. So reserve the coming Saturday for the Oyster Feed festival folks. The benefit venue is the eagle county Fairgrounds at Eagle River center.  Remember, your night of fun will be serving a good cause.


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  • Freda R. Spigener

    I (along with three friends) spent 2 weeks in your beautiful state and immediate area several years ago – we thoroughly enjoyed very day. One of the best times was spend at the Rocky Mtn Oyster Festival. Had a great time! Brought home for my son a festival t-shirt and hat that he loved and has worn to shreds. – it was his favorite grilling shirt.
    I would like to surprise him with a shirt and hat from the latest festival if possible – Need keep him happy on the grill. Please advise with contact if this could be done. Thank you in advance for reply and information.

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