Eagle Outside Festival and Expo – May 17 to 18

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What is Eagle outside festival and expo?

As the budding greenery makes their way out of the thawing snow and towards the sun’s light, we know it’s time to say good bye and good riddance to this particularly bone chilling winter. Stuff your coats back into the storage/back of the cupboards ladies and gentlemen, spring time is upon us; get ready to head out into the sun, soon.

So how should start celebrating the glorious season, which if you ask me, is rather too transient. One minute it ushers in the much needed respite from freezing, gloomy winters and the next moment it has been lost to the sweltering heat of the summer. So we need to make most of the little time we have with this beautiful season, for every moment of it spent away cooped up in a room or an office cubicle is a sin (ok so I get a little too dramatic sometimes.). But since you can’t just up and leave your jobs, you should definitely plan something for your weekends, speaking of which, it’s almost time for the ‘Eagle outside Festival and Expo’. For those in the know the festivals in May, to be exact May 17th and 18th, so really it’s time for the registrations. And while the regulars make a bee line for signing up already, let me acquaint the newbies to the awesomeness that this festival and expo is.

Eagle Outside Festival May 17-18
The Eagle outside festival turns 6 this year and its organizers promise that it gets bigger and better.

So what is it exactly you ask?
Well it is the best annual, weekend-long Mountain Bike and Outdoor Expo you can find, anywhere. If it is adventure and stimulating sport you seek, then this is totally up your alley. The organizers pack in a number of outdoor activities like

  • Mountain biking (the state has The Rockies running, so it’s really a no-brainer), with lots of expo brands. The biking trail brings in the best trails of the area including the famed Haymaker Trail itself. You can tour around beautiful Eagle as it is a pretty long race and demo trail, thanks to the most non-imposing weather of the year. The organizers have mapped out the trails especially to acquaint the visitors with the local community. Also the brands to be present in the expo include the likes of those present last year e.g. Pivot, Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz along with many new names.
  • Trail Running and Road Running, including some events appropriately made for the enjoyment of kids. The comeback star of this category is the Mother of a Half road half-marathon, and it is joined by the trail race of Boneyard Boogie, at Vail Rec District. Whether you are a competitor or someone who just wants to test out the trails for enjoyment, you’ll find the activity of your liking at this festival. Further, the Eaglet Kids Fun Run, makes room for the participation of children too.
  • Also present are some climbing events among the milieu of additional activities of the fest.
  • Food, espresso and beer are present galore in this annual weekend grand soiree. In fact special attention is paid to the beer lover’s needs as the 6th annual Eagle Outside Festival May 17-18, organizers have included a number of micro-breweries, bonfire brewing as well as a beer garden to the list.

There are many other attractions to be found in the event, including meeting the locals who are a community of the friendliest people and exploring the naturally beautiful terrain. But remember it comes only once a year, you miss this time you have to wait out for another three hundred and sixty five days. So what are you waiting for? Forms are out, go and sign up for as many events as you like. Just remember the dates to clear your calendar way ahead- Eagle Outside Festival May 17-18.

Find complete information at the Eagle Outside Festival Website

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