Colorado – a sport lover’s heaven

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Colorado is a state rich in athletic and sporting activity opportunities. Due to this active nature of the state, it has also gained the status of being the fittest state of a nation desperately trying to beat obesity (which seems to be losing battle mostly). And why would this not be the case in Colorado anyway? It seems that the state has been carved and constructed in great detail, by nature itself.  The clear blue skies, the crisp, fresh and pure air, the pleasant weather, the surrounding greenery and wildlife and of course the natural reliefs including The Rockies.

All of these units which make up Colorado bit by bit make the state one of the liveliest places to be in. No matter who you are, whether a visitor or a local, you will never tire of the place or ever get bored; there are plenty of sports which can keep you occupied and active, and since an active and healthy physique holds the key to a happy mind (remember all those exercise, endorphins & happiness related lectures you have heard? They aren’t all hogwash), Colorado being the fittest state is also one of the happiest states you’ll find.

The range of activities and sports to be found here include the likes of

  • Skiing
  • Snow boarding
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Racing
  • Even some climbing

But whoever knows about Colorado knows of these options, what often people overlook are some of the best entertainment festivals the different part of the state throws open to its public and visitors. These events prove that the state knows how to have a really good time, for instance let’s take the following example

  • Eagle flight days This is a festival hosted in Eagle in the last weekend of June every year, and is the official way to kick off summer. The itinerary of the fest includes various programmes like parades, costume contests, musical programmes, sporting events, bake-offs etc. all packed in with dozens of carnival entertainments and food and beverage options.

There are many such celebrations keeping the ambiance of the state lively throughout the year.  Most of the events are though centered on summer, speaking of which, have you heard about the upcoming barrel racing events?

Race the Rockies Barrel Race August 16-17

Every year the summer event schedule of Colorado includes barrel racing hosted by the locals.

What is it?

Barrel racing is horse riding based rodeo sport. Here a rider along with her horse has to complete a clover pattern around pre-positioned barrels and do so in the shortest time possible. It is a great way to test both the agility and speed of the horse as well as the expertise of the rider on horsemanship. A great mix of both thrill and grace, this sport is opened for all.

Every year ‘Racing in the Rockies’ arranges Barrel Racing on the Western slope of Colorado. This year too they have already put up the schedule for their summer program on their site for interested parties, in case you have still not looked it up search for Race the Rockies Barrel Race August 16-17 online and you won’t miss it.

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