Eagle Flight Days – June 27 to 29

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Eagle flight days – the best way to kick off summer

Eagle, Colorado is truly a town which knows how to have a good time. Abundant natural beauty with a community of the friendliest locals neither will let you get bored no matter what time of the year you visit in; in fact the activities and festivals performed at Eagle are neither too touristy nor reserved solely for the locals. Actually, if you have been to Eagle you will know that the entire town is like a big family, they participate in all the festivals and activities exactly in that manner, and any visitor is welcomed with equal warmth to join them.

One of the festivals which showcase this nature of Eagle is the ‘Eagle Flight Days’.

Eagle Flight Days June 27-29

This is by far one of the best ways to kick off summer in any land. The Eagle Flight Days are a long standing tradition on this part of the world, to be exact this festival has been celebrated now for 92 years, i.e. it was started in 1922. Before the July Fourth revelries grip the nation, in the last weekend of June this town signals the onset of summer with a bang. Further with 91 years of practice, the town has pretty much perfected the art of helping everyone have a hearty time. The festival features a myriad of fun and entertaining activities including a parade, which are featured over a span of 3 days. Added to these are carnival attractions and dozens of food vendors and of course the splendor of Eagle’s natural beauty, all in all the participants are spoilt for choices.

The flight days are thus a mix of everything and anything, you have baby contests, competitions for our little furry ones, musical events, auctions, bake-offs, basketball shootouts, vintage baseball games, talent shows, scavenger hunts and of course running or walking events. And these are all punctuated with numerous pancake breakfasts and other delightful feasts. So make some room in your schedule this year for Eagle Flight Days June 27-29.

In case you still need some nudging in the right direction let me give you a quick recap of what went down last year. This will help you get an idea of how awesome this festival is.

Flight days 2013 a recap

The theme was ‘Under the Big top’, and those present were treated to some top notch Circus flavored fun. And where there is a circus based theme there has to be costume contests, and by contests I don’t mean that for either children or adults, but for each and everyone –children, adults, humans and animals. There were also kiddie contests for the adorable babies of the town, then the parade, which is a highlight of every year’s celebration. Among the performances in the musical category, 2013 saw the performance of patriotic music by the 20-member Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Post 9644 Band (who are located in Denver). Among the leisurely events there were silent auctions which even offered items donated by the good people of Eagle itself. And the most charged up events were the running ones, the path included the loop through the eagle ranch. Over all, the pattern of the program was more or less similar to the previous years, but not in the least bit monotonous, rather it was even better.

This year too the organizers promise a top of the line festival, so get yourself ready to spend the last weekend of June at Eagle Flight Days June 27-29 for if you miss it, it’s your loss.

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