Why you should visit Eagle, Colorado

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When thinking of naturally blessed and beautiful holiday destinations, US based destinations don’t always come to our mind. US is mostly associated with glitz, glamour, big bill boards, towering sky scrapers – in short, a busy city life with all its hustle and bustle. But it’s a stereotypical and faulty view, for US has much more to offer to both its locals and visitors.

There are many sites in US which offer a getaway from the concrete, smoke, fumes and incessant tick-tocks of city life. Such places offer unlimited expanses of virgin sky, untouched by the glare of city lights, rolling hills dotted with tall and proud trees and clean crisp air and water. One spectacular example of such a naturally blessed destination is Colorado.


Till date Colorado has an unspoiled natural beauty; however, pleasing the eye is not its one and only offering to its visitors; Colorado also houses a number of naturally formed playgrounds (mountains for skiing, trails for hiking and biking, lakes for fishing etc.) which can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.  It is the ideal holiday destination not only for those planning to take a vacation, but also for those who need to take time off to de-stress. The clean and fresh air, hiking, biking and many other sports enabled by the natural reliefs of the surrounding areas, help the people of Colorado be in shape throughout the year. Compared to the rest of US Colorado has the least rate of obesity and can boast of overall healthiness of its inhabitants. Thus it is beneficial for even its visitors and tourists.

Some of the most popular activities are as follows

  1. Winter sports – In the cold seasons, the Rockies are a visual treat, all dressed in white and waiting to be explored.  Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities of this season and Eagle, Colorado offers its own Snowshoeing and skiing course via Eagle Ranch Golf Course. Some of the best views of Sawatch can be seen while zooming past other skiers on these courses. There are also many other courses like Sylvan Lake State Park, West Brush Creek Trail, Lake Charles etc.
  2. Summer entertainment– In the summer seasons too there are a number of activities to be pursued. Famous amongst all family activities is camping, though it is also equally suitable and entertaining for single travellers. It is the best possible way to bring families, friends and even strangers together. The inky blueness of the sky punctuated with diamond like stars, the wildness of the surroundings, camp stories, roaring fire and Smores- all of these combined together make memories strong and pleasant enough to last a lifetime, no matter what your age. Eagle Colorado offers a wide-ranging variety of outdoor camping facilities like Wolcott or Eagle River-Gypsum Campgrounds, fit for both family and individual use.
  3. Yearlong activities– Other activities include both fast paced and leisurely acts like biking around the areas either to explore it or to participate in the mountain biking trails, which has acquired quite a reputation in the last few years. However, if you’re not in the need for speed, hiking is the best option for you, whether in a large group or with just a partner or even alone, you can travel around and observe the scenic beauty of the area inch by inch at your own pace.

There are also many other activities which can keep you occupied and entertained throughout your trip like fishing, kayaking etc. In short, this little naturally crafted paradise on earth will have you spoilt for choices and keep you wanting to comeback over and over again.

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