What is so great about Eagle, Colorado?

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With all the hustle and bustle of our routine lives we have “No time to turn at Beauty’s glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance.”Mother Nature’s magnificence is lost in the sea of smoke and dust, as each and every day we become more and more lost in the rat race of our work and obligations. This is vacations are looked forward to by one and all, for it is a time when we can get away from our daily chores, the morning alarms, the dust and smoke, honking of cars in the traffic etc. So we need to make sure that our getaways are worth every second we spend on it.

Luxury VS Natural beauty

Today, holiday destinations can be broadly categorized in two groups – one where you can be blinded by splendour and richness of our civilization, and another where the beauty and majesty of nature will rob you of your words.

The highly fashionable and luxurious holiday destinations however, often become the most limited of options available. They can offer you style and pamper you silly, but soon the ridiculous decadence of it all brings about a sense of monotony with the over abundance of materialism. In short, there is only so much one can take of artificial beauty and grandeur, but when it comes to the natural beauty of the world around us, it proves to be breathtaking every time.


Colorado is a great example of such a place, rich in natural beauty and dripping with life. The large expanse of clear sky, rolling hills and mountains around, especially during winter when the Rockies snuggle under a snowy blanket, Colorado becomes a little piece of heaven on earth.  And the best part is that you can pick your own style of vacationing here. You can either get into active mode and ski, snowboard, go mountain biking, kayaking etc. or you can go hiking, snowshoeing or simply strolling around the area of your stay; either way you will be right in the middle of nature’s lap, having an unforgettable experience.



Colorado has the reputation of recording the lowest level of obesity in all of US, thanks to the mountains and plains, all garbed in a cloak of fresh and pure air. The natural reliefs of this place allow one to enjoy any number of outdoor activities, in any season, one of the most popular being Nordic skiing. No matter what your age is, skiing in Colorado is a never to be missed option for you and the Eagle Ranch Golf Course maintains a Nordic ski and snowshoe course just for this purpose (depending on weather conditions). However, if you’re a newbie in the sport then you can experiment a little while staying within your capabilities or you can also try out snowboarding. Either way, when you zoom down those pristine white slopes, with an adrenaline high,   rushing past the scenery  and breathing the mountain air, what you will experience will last you a lifetime.


Nonetheless, if you miss a visit in the colder months, you can enjoy summers in Colorado as well. The mountain biking trails are well known feature of the area and quite famous among locals and tourists alike. Eagle’s Haymaker Trail is one of the safer trails around the region, where you can test out your skills with the same amount of fun and more safety. This trail has been formed to be a little on the safer side, without compromising on its quality and watering it down too much.

All in all, this adrenaline punched activity is highly exhilarating and a great change from our regular sedentary, sitting in front of computer and television lifestyle. So, when you come back from your visit, you come back energetic, fitter and with well oiled hinges.

Apart from these, there is also the option of camping out with your family and friends under the diamond studded, velvety summer sky and sharing tales of your day with them over a roaring fire and maybe a dinner of trout you could have caught yourself while fishing and kayaking. For a winter visit however, you can find room in any of the cosy lodges that dot the region.

So next time you want to get away from it all or your doctor prescribes a bit clean country air for your health, you know where to go – Colorado.

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