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Colorado, especially the Town of Eagle is an environmentally blessed, bit of natural heaven on earth. The crisp, clean air, pleasant weather, scenic beauty and tons of group and individual activities, makes this state one of the best US holiday destinations. The natural reliefs of the land involves rolling mountains, lakes and rivers,  trails for hiking and biking along with clear blue skies, and there are plenty of activities  designed around each

Following are a list of the most favoured activities you can indulge in when in Eagle, Colorado:

  1. Nordic Skiing and snowboarding – One of the best and most popular sports of Colorado is Skiing and snowboarding. During winters when the Rockies are covered in snow, tourists and locals flock alike to zoom down the slopes and experience these adrenaline fuelled activities. Eagle has some of the best arrangements for these activities, when the weather permits it. Caution – if you’re accompanied by children and/or are yourself not too skilled on the slopes then stick to a designated course, if possible with the help of an instructor to avoid any mishap.
  2. Mountain biking – Colorado is internationally renowned for its biking trails. Eagle’s Haymaker trail is one such mountain biking trails that accommodate all sorts of riders aka all sorts of skill sets. It has been built keeping in mind certain precautionary codes, without compromising on any of its thrill factor. So whether you want to get in shape while on vacation or just take a trip with the locals, you will have multiple options at your disposal.
  3.  Camping – Though largely an activity of the warmer months, camping is a fun activity for one and all, no matter what your age is. During summers, the star studded velvety blue skies along with warm, balmy weather create the perfect ambience for a friendly evening over a camp fire. So whether you’re with friends, family or even strangers, you can have a wonderful time sharing stories, experiences and tales over smores and camp fire.
  4. Fishing – Another family or individual activity that is big in this state is fishing. Eagle has some beautiful sites for this yearlong sport; and locals who are expert in this sport are ready and willing to share their knowledge with anyone interested. Apart from the opportunity of landing your own catch of the day, fishing in Eagle is always accompanied with breathtaking sceneries as the backdrop of the lakes hosts some of the most majestic peaks and foliage. If you want to take a rest from high adrenaline activities like skiing and snowboarding, this is the perfect option for you.
  5. Kayaking – The waters of Eagle offer more than one activity for both tourists and locals, as you can go down kayaking the streams with your friends or family. It’s a great exercise and group activity; the rush you experience and the sense of accomplishment you feel after every successful trip leaves a lasting impression.

However, if you’re tired of intense activities and wish to simply spend time with yourself/family/friends, you can go on hiking trips or evening walks around the locale, taking in the scenic beauty, as there are ample opportunities for such activities in the state too, especially in Eagle. So no matter what your preferences are, high adrenaline activities or leisurely walks around the country, Colorado will not leave you disappointed.

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