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If you are thinking of your next holiday with the family and not wanting to go outside the USA there is plenty of choice from the sunshine of Florida which allows you to escape the worst of a North American winter or many exciting cities which have plenty to do for people of all ages. However sometimes it is nice to get away from skyscrapers to see the countryside in its more natural state.

The locals are blessed. Few States of the USA have such unspoilt beauty as Colorado and naturally the economy has benefitted from the news spreading like wildfire. There isn’t a single month in the year where we are alone. In midwinter sports enthusiasts flock to enjoy our snows. Once they recede it reveals an equally impressive scene with forests, rivers and lakes.  Families often come through those warmer months to get away from the City. There are camping areas and excellent facilities for those wanting to get a feel for nature.


Colorado has the lowest rate of obesity in the whole of the Country. While everyone has the same dietary choices to make not everyone is lucky enough to live in an environment that is so conducive to exercise. The scenery is varied and breathtaking; there is something for all the family to do and a family vacation in Colorado can combine such variety that you are likely to want to come back to see us time and again.

Winter sports

Outdoor activities in Colorado vary with the season. In midwinter you may not look past skiing. There is real excitement from the downhill runs but if you are not so adventurous you and the kids can go Nordic skiing on a designated course. Your choices may depend upon the weather. You might be surprised how many days of blue skies and sun there is in the State despite the low temperatures that are also a feature of midwinter.

Water offers so much

There are few States that can offer so much for the visitor right around the year. When the snow goes and the leaves return to the trees you may discard your skis for a fishing rod, cycle or good walking boots. With such a good tourist infrastructure in place you will find plenty of advice on trails you can follow as soon as they open in April. These trails are open for most of the rest of the year with the colors changing as autumn arrives.

If you would like simply to relax for a day then you can do it with a fishing rod on the rivers and lakes which are full of different species of trout. The water may appeal to you in more ways than one. There are kayak runs for people of all ages and abilities and rafting where the whole family can get on board. You can do something different every single day then enjoy the evenings with our restaurants catering for a wide range of taste. The word about Colorado is out yet it has retained its unspoilt beauty. As locals we are determined that doesn’t change.

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