Walking in a winter wonderland

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It’s never too early to mention Christmas, even though we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving ahead of us before Santa makes his annual rounds. One event which celebrates the adventure of Christmas, one which is now over a quarter century old and grows in stature and significance year on year is Eagle Colorado’s ‘Christmas on Broadway’ spectacular. Of all the things to do in Colorado in the winter calendar, this is one date you really should pencil in your diary.

Here is an abundance of things to do in Colorado in the winter season

Walking in a winter wonderland

At the time of writing the end of October is in sight. Snow is on the ground and the high valleys and ski runs have a good covering in anticipation of the ski season. From the beginning of November the ski season around Eagle starts in earnest. Whatever your feelings are about snow and ice, the entire area takes on the vista of a ‘winter wonderland’. When the snow arrives followed on closely by myriad skiers, everyone knows it is only a few weeks away from ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.

The Christmas on Broadway annual event which is staged in Eagle transforms the entire downtown area into a winter wonderland. On the first Saturday of December (this year the 7th) the downtown area takes on the vista of a village like that of Brigadoon. For lovers of Christmas the spirit which lives in mankind manifests itself in Eagle for one day of the year. For locals it is a yearly highlight of the calendar; for visitors passing through, on a short break or staying on vacation it is a discovery which will remain in their memories long after they have travelled back home.,

Kids of all ages love it

Of all the Colorado events my grandchildren look forward to, the Christmas on Broadway event is one of their favorites. It is also one of mine. Last year we had family over from England; did you know that Santa Claus is known also as ‘Father Christmas’ in England? Although Santa is becoming the universally recognized name for the old gentleman, it is nice to hear of other traditions which are still surviving and thriving.

Their overall impression of the day was one of great satisfaction, made more adorable by the fact there was snow on the ground, a rarity in England and especially so at Christmas.

It can now be said that the Christmas on Broadway event held in Eagle every year is a tradition; after all, it is now some 25 years old and counting. Not as old as Santa by a long shot but well on the way to becoming as traditional as carol singers, Christmas cards, gifts under the tree and a holly wreath adorning the front door.

Don’t take my word for it. I am biased; after all I live in the local area. Come see for yourself how our town is transformed into a winter wonderland of delight for all ages. If you can’t make it for our yearly downtown Christmas extravaganza, come along any time of the year. There are sports to thrill and excite and events which will delight.

We look forward to seeing you.

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