Running Colorado trails – easier than running a business

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If you love to bike or hike Colorado will challenge your legs, your lungs and your inner self determination to succeed. If you are into running Colorado Eagle trails are some of the toughest in the Rockies. The tougher the challenge the greater the personal reward, be it physical or psychological. However, Eagle offers a challenge in more than just running and hiking trails.

Running a business is a real challenge

Every year the Eagle Chamber of Trade throws down the gauntlet to owners of small and medium sized businesses. The message is a simple one and yet the potential rewards are unlimited. With all the available tools at their disposal the local chamber members will help empower owners of businesses and their personnel, help them sharpen their business and trading skills to face head on the challenges presented to business in modern day America..

If you have already signed up and will be attending the event on the 31st October, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one metaphorical stone. First of all you’ll learn new skills, tangible skills which you will be able to take away with you and apply in the day to day running of your business. Secondly, you’ll be able to blow away the cobwebs of Halloween and see your business in an entirely different but brighter light.

Talking of Halloween as an aside, this year in Eagle on Halloween (30th October) we’re going to see an Eagle Ranch Trick or Treat Street event. This ghoulish event isn’t to be missed; you may be lucky enough to see Thriller flash mob on the street. Zombies dancing before they eat the flesh and drink the blood of unsuspecting visitors are a sight well worth seeing, if you survive to remember it.

If you manage to survive the dance of the Zombies, amongst other attractions is a haunted cemetery. If you’re of a nervous disposition, make sure you bring a friend or someone along to support you when you scream in abject terror.

Local or from out of town

If you live local to Eagle you’ll probably have heard of the Lunch & Learn Workshop Program, an annual event run by the Eagle Chamber of Trade. If you’re from out of town staying on a short break or an early vacation taking in the skiing, hiking and running trails around Eagle, you may want to extend your stay. The event proves very popular and each year the attendance levels continue to rise.

The event is open to anyone who wants to learn new business and marketing skills and apply them to their own business strategy. If you manage to survive Halloween and evade the ghostly goings on, Eagle has a lot in store waiting round the corner. Eagle is rightly famed for its beautiful scenery, challenging hiking and biking trails and the warm hospitality of the local people.

However, eagle is more than the sum of its parts. Running a business is a challenge; if you want to hone your business and marketing skills, Lunch & Learn Workshop Program of the Eagle Chamber of Trade is, like the trails around the town, a challenge equally worth rising up to meet.

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