Mountain bike Colorado – the roof of the world

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Anyone who is anyone and in to adrenalin rush sports is fully aware that mountain biking Colorado is a must on a ‘to do’ list before the legs give out. It is too late to give it a go when 20 miles a week rather than 20 miles a day becomes the norm. Mountain biking is immensely popular in Colorado and of throughout the Rockies; well, the terrain is ‘the best in the world’.

Mountain bike Colorado – the roof of the world

Five short years

In five short years the Colorado High School Cycling League has blossomed in to a fully fledged event on the national mountain biking calendar. At the time of writing the event is five years old and taking place over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of October 2013 in Eagle. In its first year there were a mere 25 competitors taking part. This year some 500 plus competitors will be taking part in this state championship.

If anything says anything about the state of local mountain biking Vail Colorado is being usurped by its neighbor Eagle. The recently opened Haymaker Trail is a multi-use amenity designed and created with the specific type of moderate terrain which any high school racing league require. Previously the event took place on the Beaver Creek trail. One of the more challenging of trails in the local Eagle area, it is more suited to older, more established and physically stronger mountain bikers.

An exciting trail

The new trail caters for the youngsters and is an excellent trail on which they get to ‘cut their teeth’ so to speak. It is safe in so far it has been designed without too many of the excesses of the main trails in and around Eagle, yet it is still an exhilarating trail and one which will get the adrenalin surging round the veins of the competitors.

Eagle’s brand new Haymaker Trail has been designed with much care and attention to detail. If you missed this Sunday’s excitement no need to worry. The amenity is open for youngsters in mind to test themselves against the elements without being too dangerous. Of course the element of risk is always there and as one might expect, without an element of danger and excitement the challenges no longer present themselves.

One thing this trail is above all else is challenging. For youngsters it is ideal for them to cut their teeth and help them move on as they attain the next level in their chosen sport. For grandpas like the writer who, in the past has ridden the trails in and around Eagle, there is now a different challenge.

That challenge is not to fall off the bike, take care of the joints and arrive at trail end in one piece. Eagle’s brand new Haymaker Trail is ideal for those of a certain age who for one reason or another require a challenge of less energetic proportions.

If you haven’t risen to the challenge of ‘riding the Rockies’ take inspiration from the Colorado High School Cycling League and get yourself over to Eagle. Mountain bike Colorado; rise up to the challenge of the environment and the elements but, above all else, challenge yourself and achieve your endurance potential.

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