What’s your favorite?

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Eagle is the #1 destination in the Rockies for hikers, bikers, trail fiends, skiers and snowboarders. But after a day out on the slopes and trails around Eagle, you’re bound to have built up a hearty appetite. Eagle is blessed with some great eateries. Making the most of the outdoor activities Colorado has on offer for locals and visitors alike is only completed by sampling some of the wonderful food on offer.

On a family vacation Colorado dining is as much a part of it as the great outdoors

What’s your favorite?

If I had to answer the question it has to be fajitas. Sizzling and hot straight from the kitchen with a selection of dips, there isn’t anything which hits the spot quicker than fajitas. To make sure it all gets washed down little red lane to make room for a sweet dessert, I have to say a light beer served direct from the barrel can’t be beaten.

Hold on there fella; I’m not about to argue.

Bella Italiana

You tell me you like Italian food accompanied with a bottle of Chianti. If you’re in Eagle anytime soon you’ll find several Italian restaurants serving authentic cuisine ‘just like mama used to make’. How do I know? Living here close to eagle it is possible to dine out a different place every night for six months. Stay here long enough and you can start all over again. Boy, what a feast.

Whatever your personal preference in food and dining, there is something for everyone. If you’re on a family vacation Colorado dining in and around the town of Eagle is a family affair. Many of the restaurants are family run welcome families to join them in sampling their delicious hospitality.

Let’s not forget one of the main reasons so many visitors are attracted to Eagle and the surrounding countryside. The great outdoors is part of the American way of life. Our ancestors had to conquer harsh terrain in atrocious conditions to conquer this amazing country of ours. Most Americans keep in touch with the great outdoors by way of vacation and road trips.

Whatever your personal favorite outdoor recreation Colorado has it in droves. Camping is big in the local area; there are many campsites where you can pitch up, set up and take it easy away from the mad world rushing past on i70.

If you’re into fishing you’re spoilt for choice. Likewise if you prefer hiking the trails, a spot of challenging mountain biking or some hill running, come along to Eagle. This time of the year the skiers and snowboarders visit us in their droves. Hugely popular with the skiing and boarding fraternity, ‘apres piste’ is definitely worth the visit.

If you happen to eat a little too much the night before you’ll soon burn off the extra calories on the slopes. You’ll have great fun. If you have visited us at Eagle before you’ll know your way around.

If you haven’t been to Eagle before and sampled our great hospitality and even better food, it begs the question – ‘why not?’

Come visit us soon; we look forward to seeing you.


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