Colorado – an action packed destination for the entire family

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Kids love it, moms and dad love it, grandmas and grandpas love it. Eagle is an action packed vacation destination for all the family. With the great outdoors beckoning you can be as active (kids) or as low key as you want. Not that moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas need to take it easy if they prefer taking on the challenges which Eagle county presents visitors.

All I am saying is if you want an all round adventure family vacation Colorado has an edge.

A small matter of Halloween

However, before the winter sets in and the transition is complete from summer through fall and in to the short days of winter, there is a small matter of Halloween to deal with. Wide eyed excited youngsters on the trick or treat trail, Eagle in this respect is little different to any town or city in the US.

As an annual event of town life it is eagerly anticipated by children and adults alike. I suspect adults love it because it is a tangible link to their own childhood, when life held little issue for responsibility, just having fun and avoiding a ticking off from mom and dad.

I love the decorated scarecrows, the hollowed out pumpkin ‘Jack O’Lanterns’ and the inventiveness of different households.

If you’re here vacationing in Eagle County over Halloween don’t think you have to miss out on the celebrations. You can take time out from your adventures on the outdoor trail or piste to enjoy some traditional fall fun.

The kids will love it and of course, you don’t have to bring any costumes with you. Eagle costume rental stores have more than a wide selection of traditional, modern and retro from which to choose. Get you inspiration from your favorite movie characters or plum for something more traditional costume like a witch, warlock, ghost or demon from the depths of hell.

Pumpkin Patch

In early October we have Pumpkin Patch. If you’re staying here during the first and second week of October, you can take time out from your challenging outdoor activities and visit the “Pumpkin Patch of Plentifully Preposterous Proportions” for one day only.

Kids can bounce their energy off on amazing bouncy bumpy castles, carve pumpkins, play festive fall games, take a ride on a pony or just explore the old working ranch.

Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas can enjoy sipping cider or you can, if you prefer, join the kids on their adventure trail. It all depends on how much energy you have spare after pitting yourself against the challenges the local terrain throws at you.

You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome in Eagle, and you’ll certainly find an adventure or two to take part in. whatever the time of year you arrive here, you won’t be short changed on fun.

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