Ultra running and snowboarding – what’s the connection to Eagle?

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If you have been negotiating the trails around Eagle over the past few months, you may have noticed some serious looking athletes running the trails. If you have you will have up close to some of the fittest of guys (and gals) around. The sport is called ‘Ultra Running’ and although in its infancy, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

If you thought the mountain trails were a challenge merely walking them, think of the challenge and level of fitness these athletes are achieving. And why are they running these trails you ask – well, probably for the same reason the adventurous climb mountains; because they are there to be conquered.

However, I suspect that the runners take on the challenge for one other reason, one of the overriding reasons why we as people do anything – because it is fun.

At the time of writing this valley has seen an influx of competitors from around the world, looking to pit their wits against the rugged terrain in what is billed as the “Ultra Race of Champions.” By the time this has aired it will be all over, but next year I am sure it will return, such is the challenging nature of the local terrain.

Ultra running is a challenge on the competitors, pitting their wits against the natural terrain and the elements which, rather neatly leads me round to skiing in Eagle Valley, Colorado.

At the time of writing the winter season is just a month away from its official start here in Vail. The local ski runs may look a little forlorn at the moment with little snow covering, but it won’t be like that for long.

Traveling to the summit of the ski runs is a little less energetic that ultra running, but the promise of what is coming is perhaps no less exciting. The buzz of the downward run and the prospect of virgin snow (depending on the weather and location) both add up to a challenge of a different kind.

Like ultra running the athletic skill is required, although a different athleticism is required of the skier compared to the ultra runner. One thing is certain for both disciplines, like anything in life which is enjoyable it is fun all round.

If on the other hand you’re not into skiing, snowboarding or ultra running don’t be put off visiting Eagle. Eagle has some great shopping; if you get a little fatigued doing some ‘ultra shopping’ you can stop off in one of the many restaurants, bistros and diners.

Stop off in Eagle for a night or two; make it a long lazy weekend away from the stress of everyday living. Once you visit you’ll want more; few people come to Eagle the one time only.

Eagle can be as exciting, adventurous, safe or demanding as you want. You’re the one who decides, but whatever you choose to do here or the reason for your visit, you’ll not be left wanting.

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