Fall foliage and the passage of time?

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It only seems like yesterday our kids were all wide eyed and excited with the thought of Halloween fast approaching. That one night of the year when the door to the spirit world is left ajar, when stories of ghostly goings are told and retold round campfires to wide eyed, excited youngsters.

Now of course the focus of attention is from wide eyed excitable grandchildren, busying us up with preparations for, what is for me anyway, the official onset of fall.

Now, you may be thinking I’m getting all ahead of myself, this being the end of September at the time of writing, but try telling that to the guys and gals organizing the latest Pumpkin Patch entertainment and events around the Eagle and Vail local area. The leaves are falling fast; the ski season is barely a month away. Halloween may be the gateway to the spirit world, but it is also the gateway to the ski season and the great outdoors.

Fall and foliage

Before the snow comes calling and visitors start arriving for some of the best on piste adventure to be found anywhere in the US, there is a little matter of the fall foliage. Before the leaves drop and signal the onset of winter, the vibrancy and depth of color of the fall foliage is breathtaking. You can take in the beautiful, natural vista of the fall for several vantage points in and around the valley.

A local online vote has Highway 24 out in the lead as the preferred vantage point; my guess is the people who have voted for this location haven’t visited Beaver Creek. Of course this is all personal preference; if you were to be asked, what and where is your favorite vantage point to soak in the glorious, vibrant signature colors of the fall?

Events for the fall

Fall is the signal for the beginning of numerous community and visitor events in and around Eagle and neighboring Vail. With the Oktoberfest now a fading memory, we have to look forward to October with keen eyes and a sense of adventure.

Upcoming events for Eagle include two very diverse events; the Eagle Yogafest and the ever popular farmers’ market. If you’re into yoga you may recognize the names of Shannon Paige Schneider, R.R. Shakti and Jim Keegan, all of whom will be imparting their extensive knowledge and experience to attendees.

The farmers’ market is an ever popular event held on Eagle Town Park is centrally located, and don’t forget the kids can enjoy pony rides on the corner of on the corner of Wall and 6th Street, courtesy of Mountain Valley Horse Rescue.

But perhaps the (certainly for me) is the anticipation of the onset of winter and the coming of the snow. The high valleys with the prepared ski runs are magnets for visitors and locals alike. Eagle, as is shown here adds up to more than the sum of its individual parts. However, if like me you love skiing Eagle Colorado cannot be bettered as the homebase for your skiing adventures.

Don’t take my word for it; come along and see for yourself just why Eagle and the local area is such a draw. Oh yes, you’d better make it soon, otherwise you’re gonna miss the exciting vibrancy, the undisputed beauty of the fall foliage.

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