Boneyard – Redneck Ridge Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Accessibility: Hike, Bike, Horse
Trail Length: 5.83 miles
Elevation Gain: 1316 ft.
Elevation Loss: 1266 ft.
Trail time: 1:30
Highlights: Some of the best single track in Eagle

Boneyard and Red Neck Ridge offer some of the best single track in Eagle. The climb up Boneyard is fairly gradual. After leveling around marker 3 great views of Red Canyon and the Eagle River begin to open up. The trail continues to climb until it again meets up with Bellyache Road. At this point the trail provides framed views to New York Mountain. The descent on Red Neck Ridge is winding and again fairly gradual. There are two points where the trail splits. Take either trail as they will merge again shortly after. The downhill on the last half mile gets much steeper and looser. Ride in control on this last section.

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