Colorado River Rafting

rafting the ColoradoThis section of the Colorado River is popular with locals for an afternoon float.  The river is fairly mild most times of the year and is a great introductory float.


Cottonwood Island – Cottonwood Island is the most popular rafter put-in for a longer float down to Dotsero.  The site has plenty of parking and a boat ramp.  A porta-potty is usually on site.
Put-In’s or Take outs

Lyon’s Gulch  – Lyon’s Gulch is a midpoint along the Colorado that provides a take-out for a shorter float from Cottonwood Island, or a put-in for a quick float down to Dotsero.  There are also some campsites along the river at this site.

Dotsero  – Dotsero is the most popular take-out for rafters floating down from Cottonwood Island or Lyon’s Gulch.  The ramp can also be a put-in for floaters seeking a flat stretch from Dotsero to Bair Ranch in GlenwoodCanyon.

Take outs

Bair Ranch – Bair Ranch is the furthest downstream take out in before entering the Glenwood Canyon runs

Suggested Trips:

Cottonwood Island to Lyon’s Gulch – 2.2 Miles; 1-2 Hours; Class I-II Rapids

Cottonwood Island to Dotsero – 6.0 Miles; 2-4 Hours; Class I-II Rapids

Lyon’s Gulch to Dotsero –  3.8 Miles; 1-2 Hours; Class I-II Rapids

Dotsero to Bair Ranch – 6.0 Miles; 2-3 Hours; Class I Rapids

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