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Colorado and its love for sports is no well kept secret, after all it has earned the title of the healthiest state in all of US and is blessed with some of the best sporting grounds, especially biking trails.

Eagle, Colorado

Of the entire state of Colorado, it’s the town of Eagle which is fast becoming the star in the field of biking. In fact Mayor Kostick is fast transforming the whole town into the ‘Mecca’ of biking with each driveway becoming a trail head. The town board is injecting substantial funds into the process, and with all such efforts, Eagle has become and is becoming the host to some of the best trails around; trails whose fame are drawing riders from around the globe.

Thus, Eagle’s romance with mountain biking is a long standing one and for his, every year a number of events and public festivities are organized around this much loved sport. The whole town pitches in to celebrate their passion as well as to inspire the same in the following generation. Numerous racing events are set up to help hone the skills of children and teenagers who show inclination towards this sport.

Summer programs

This summer had been a particularly eventful one with the start of the Firebird 40 & Rocky Mountain Bike & Outdoor Expo. This is one of the most sought after events of the year as it merges racing, with good old fashioned carnival style food and family fun.

Then next came the long running Mountain Bike Race Series, by Vail Recreation District. This biking event ran from May to July, and was followed Colorado-Eagle River Ride, A charity bike racing program benefiting youth non-profit SOS Outreach. This program is of special significance as it contributes significantly to the character building of the youth of Eagle.

The end of August so the resuming of the Mountain Bike Race Series, by Vail Recreation District, once again, interspersed by other events .

Some of the other highlights of the summer were the Gypsum Daze, Pub Crawl and Flight Days. All these events not only helped showcase the new developments in the field of biking and other sports, but they also help bring together the whole town. These programs help celebrate the locals and everything unique to the town including its cuisine and brews. The occasional evening markets are the best platform to celebrate the local produce.  Further programs like the Hoedown and other talent shows help to launch the careers of some the shiniest stars of tomorrow.

The fun never ends….

With the changing of seasons and signs of winter setting in slowly and end of summer, it does not mean that the merrymaking in Eagle is also coming to an end. There are tons of other activities and event still coming for the remainder of the year. For, no matter what the season, hot, wet or cold, Eagle town of Colorado does not take rest, and sports are a way of life here. So no matter when you visit the town, you are bound to get a taste of both its athletic and party throwing side and gain an experience to be cherished lifelong.

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