It’s time for the CO High School Cycling League State Championship’14

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Colorado’s obsession with sports is anything but unknown. The natural terrain of the state has blessed its people with the ultimate playground. No matter what kind of sport you are into, Colorado will have something for you. In fact, the sport fascination and obsession of the state’s people have earned them the status of the healthiest state in the country. It is indeed remarkable how in the days of smartphones, Internet and what not, here is one state where people from all over the world come to experience great outdoors.

Eagle, Colorado
Colorado is essentially a giant, natural amusement park where you can participate in mountain based, water based or air borne sports. Out of all the popular sports played here, biking or cycling has the biggest fan following from the state and outside. Especially it is the `town of Eagle which has invested itself extensively in developing a town known for its world class biking trails. The mayor of Eagle, Mr. Yuri Kostick has been named the “Mayor of Mountain Biking” as he has been instrumental in turning the whole town into a highly accessible, biking friendly zone. Now, no matter where you are in the town, you’re only a short ride away from a dirt trailhead. Thus the town has now earned the name – the Mecca of mountain biking.

There are plenty of trails throughout the town for e.g. The Haymaker trails and those in the Eagle ranch are especially apt for children; for the rest there are tons of other choices off the Bone yard, namely the Ice Trail and Pool. Further, if you’re really drawn in the sport and look forward to the adrenaline rush, you’ll come across even longer trails along West Eagle.

Among its love for sports, another thing the town of Eagle is really interested in is throwing a great shindig. Throughout the year, Eagle, Colorado organizes a host of gatherings and events for anyone and everyone. These events encompass everything from sports, music, theater and so forth. But keeping up with the context of this article- the most notable upcoming biking event is the CO High School Cycling League State Championship.

CO High School Cycling League State Championship, October 18 – 19
One of the most notable cycling events of the ear is the high school league. Over 500 high school racers from all over Colorado contend for the status of State Champion in the Colorado High School Cycling League state championship, and mountain bike race which takes place on the Haymaker Trail.

The event is going to be held over the weekend of 18th and 19th of October and it promises to be a fun filled weekend of entertaining social events, the races will be taking place on Sunday, October 19.

Eagle works in a great deal of effort to motivate the younger crowd, channelize their potential in the right direction and in the process lead to their character and personality development. Events like the cycling championship are one of those highly effective attempts at achieving all of the aforementioned.

Overall the town of Eagle is a great place for both sport enthusiasts and nature lovers of any age. But apart from that, if you are really interested in the development of the next generation, then too it is the perfect place for you. For further information on the event, signing up, itinerary etc. head on to

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