Things you can do in Eagle in Winter

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The season of autumn is almost half way through and winter is just round the corner. Soon the whole of Eagle will be enveloped in its winter garb of pure white – the nearby elevations and rolling mountains all covered in snow, a sleepy mist shrouding over the houses in the morning, the air with the familiar chill and the snugness of one’s home.  The whole own will turn into something out of a Christmas post-card. But that doesn’t mean the town will go on hibernation mode for the next few months.

Eagle has always been an active town of enthusiastic people. No matter what the season or the occasion – there is always something to be celebrated here and of course lots and lots of athletic activities to indulge in, especially mountain biking. In fact, if you are in the town for vacation and have not scheduled enough days to spend in, then you will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of activities you would like to pack in on your short trip. For in Eagle, no matter what your age, gender or preference, there is always something for you.  So to help you make your choice, here’s a list of a few things you can pick from and try your hand at while in town.

  • Sports – Eagle is known for its obsession with sports. No matter what is your field of choice- ground, sky or water – you will find plenty of sporting options. However keeping in mind the upcoming season is winter, hose amongst you are interested in skiing, snowboarding and the like, you are in for a treat. For the towering mountains nearby are going to provide you with the best sporting ground you can get.
  • Hiking – If you are not into all the adrenaline rush of a vigorous sport, the town will offer you plenty of opportunities to hike through and discover the surroundings from. Eagle is noted for its picturesque surroundings, abundant flora and fauna.  Further the land is marked by crisp, clean, pollution free air which will detox and rejuvenate your city life and work weary nerves completely.
  • Balloon rides and paragliding – While the winter sports and hiking are firmly planted on the ground, Eagle also makes a beautiful sight from higher above. Balloon rides are the best option for those who cherish and appreciate stunning scenic beauty. It is generally scheduled at sunrise and is held all year long.  This is one experience you will not forget in your lifetime.
  • Food tours – The town is dotted with culinary marvels and one-of-a-kind local breweries and there fares are showcased in the frequently celebrated town gatherings. However, if you are unable to attend one of such festivals you can always sign up for the food tours which are  walking tours combined with eating scrumptious, gourmet cuisine and learning about the area’s history and the extraordinary people.

So if you are in town during winter, or are yet to decide where to go during the holidays, ponder no more -Eagle is the place for you. The homeliest and coziest of town with the warmest of people will have you entertained, rejuvenated and relaxed for the year ahead.

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