Score some bargain winter gear or sell of your old ones at The Annual Ski & Snowboard SWAP

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Winter is a few short months away and people from all over have started making plans for their vacations. Soon we will be digging out our ski equipments, dusting our snowboards, generally gearing up for the chilly months and the white slopes. However, not all among us will discover that our equipments, skis and snowboards are in perfect condition. Many will need to fix the existing ones or get new stuff, which would mean that the old lot will be essentially rejected.

But why let all those boards and equipments turn to junk? If you take a good look at them and evaluate objectively, you might notice that some or most of them have quite a few good years still left in them. For those among you who are frugal and want to stick with the same equipment, or for those who have sentimental values attached to the same, it’s a different case. However, for the rest- you can actually turn your rejects into a tidy little profit while avoiding cluttering your home or storage space with your old equipments.

Q: How can you turn your rejects into a tidy little profit?
A: Simple. Just take part in The Annual Ski & Snowboard SWAP.

The Annual Ski & Snowboard SWAP, 24- 26 October, Dobson Ice Arena

Entering into its glorious 45th year, The Annual Ski & Snowboard SWAP is Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s yearly event. It is the best place to sell your functional but no more required winter sports gears while finding all that you would need yourself for the upcoming winter. Products in the sale event include everything from Nordic equipment, alpine, telemark and snowboard. All varieties of winter garments and accessories such as goggles, gloves and helmets will also be accessible for purchase. Sellers will have their best collection of fresh and used merchandise at this year’s swap. In fact, the used gear from the common public will be offered at great bargains.

The swap also helps a good cause as a percentage of the sales from the SWAP, benefits Ski & Snowboard Club Vail which helps SSCV to carry on its mission to encourage character development and excellence along with helping it achieve its vision to stand as both a foremost youth development association and the leading ski and snowboard competition in the world.


3 steps

1: Bring your used equipment down.
2: Drop off
3: Check it in.
Check-In dates begin from 11th Oct at Edwards – Crazy Mountain Brewery, Eagle, Brush Creek Elementary School, and Vail – SSCV Clubhouse.

If your stuff is sold during the Swap, SSCV will mail you a cheque for 70% of the amount received while taking a 30% commission.


If you can’t find your articles, do not presume your item to have been sold, rather check and ascertain it with a SSCV representative at equipment checkout. All remaining unsold gears have to be picked up at Dobson Ice Arena on Sunday, October 26 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm after which SSCV is not responsible for the equipments. Those whose equipments are sold, SSCV will be issuing them cheques between 1pm – 3pm on Sunday or mail it to their address by November 15th.

So if you’re looking to buy and/or sell winter gears check out  for further information on the same.

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