What is the importance of trail maintenance?

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Eagle and Avon see riders from all over the world flock in thanks to their world renowned biking trails. The physical terrain of the areas enables the construction of numerous top class trails all around, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the townspeople, the accessibility of the trails are so enhanced that one’s own driveway has become one’s trailhead today. However, trails are not self sustaining entities which can be used eternally without any follow up on their upkeep, hence maintenance of trails are a continued necessity in these towns.

Why trails need maintenance?

Trails are made up of rocks and mineral soil which are erodible materials thus subjecting the trails to constant weathering due to regular use and weather conditions experienced in the areas. This problem is further compounded when the trails are not installed properly, have faults in their foundations and are subjected to improper riding.  Therefore, proper maintenance is a must as otherwise not only do they hurt the towns’ biggest attractions but also pose a serious danger to riders. Also, proper and timely upkeep ensures a long life for any trail.

What measures to be taken to conserve trails?

It is Denver’s Momentum Trail Concepts which comes to the aid of both towns to satisfy their trail building and maintenance needs. In fact if you want to know exactly how important trail upkeep is, these guys will give you all the pros and cons ahead of time. Among the locals who follow a strict regime of trail maintenance fall the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition and the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association. In fact the entire cause is propagated strongly by the respective mayors of the towns of Eagle and Avon.  To meet the required expenditure of the endeavor the town of Eagle has marked off 10% of the total expenditure on the trail construction for maintenance i.e. $7,500, also the entire process sees a heavy participation of the people of Eagle on a voluntary basis, this is the bedrock of a good and successful maintenance program. On the other hand, Avon is ready to constitute an advisory body of sorts with 7 to 9 members to look into the upkeep needs, planning and design of trails. These members will be selected from the townspeople themselves via an application and selection method, later this year. Apart from this the budgetary needs of Avon will be calculated on a $1 per 2 feet basis.

What is the need for voluntary mass participation?

No matter what the budgetary allocation or the official position, ultimately the proper functioning of the trails and their upkeep rests largely in the hands of the public of both towns. Eagle being a great valley for this kind of sport naturally has a large section of people who feel strongly about biking and this personal caring translates into their voluntary effort in conserving the trails. This kind of mass participation and the kind of work done by the Hardscrabble Trail Coalition and VVMBA are absolutely crucial for well functioning system of trails and will further the cause of their maintenance. And possibly their involvement will bring in more and more volunteers in the days to come to make the whole endeavor even more fruitful.

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