More fun at Eagle in the month of July and August

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If you are looking for a quick fun getaway this season, Eagle Colorado is the place for you. To kick off the summer of 2014 Eagle county has already begun its annual festivities of flight days and the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. These events are a celebration of the town’s spirit, longstanding tradition and culture of bonhomie, but most importantly it is a chance for both locals and visitors to get together and have old-fashioned, good and clean fun.


Every year the rodeo fair is hosted with a number of events and for good reason too. These celebrations are now a time-honored tradition of this part of the world. Started in the late 1930’s as a mark of US’s strength and endurance reflected in its successful survival of the Great Depression, the rodeo and fair is now a part and parcel of the townspeople’s lives’ and any visitor is more than welcome to participate in the merrymaking.

The package deal- some of the programs

There are numerous programs preceding and following the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. The most recent one is the Show Down Town Concert in the Eagle Town Park 550 Broadway.

This is a well known weekly event showcasing free music for all along with numerous other fun programs for the younger participants’ and audiences. This way the event manages to entertain and keep the entire family engaged and entertained. All Show Down Town Concerts and programs are hosted on a weekly basis i.e. on every Thursday at the same venue. The program begins at 6:30pm every week and the program is scheduled to happen throughout the months of July and August.

The Country Music Project event includes a wide array of country music both old and contemporary thus covering artists of everyone’s liking. The most spectacular part of the program is the live tribute to country music to be paid by the band. They will be playing tunes from across decades thus taking you on virtual journey through the evolution of country music.

Another family based activity held in conjunction with all this is The Denver Butterfly Pavilion which allows parents and kids explore the world of insects, from the creepy crawlies to the magnificently beautiful, on an up and close level.

To make the evenings even more memorable each year the show down sees the successful hosting of picnics for all in community style. This is a fast disappearing tradition from most parts of the world today, as we barely have time for our families let alone our neighbors and friends. But Eagle County, Colorado manages to hold multiple such programs every year and effortlessly; in fact the experience is not limited to the locals alone but are thrown open to anyone and everyone. So if you are missing the days of the past and want to rekindle feelings of fraternity and experience wholesome family fun then this is the place for you to be. And if you miss it this year, be sure to schedule it for yourself next year, for sure.

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