The mountain biking Mecca: Eagle

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Colorado is a well known destination for outdoor sport buffs and Eagle County, Colorado is one of the most sought after destinations for such tourists, i.e. those who are sports enthusiasts.

Eagle County

Eagle is characterized with exceptional physical terrains, breathtaking sceneries, remarkable indigenous flora and fauna, clean environment and some of the warmest and friendly people you will ever find anywhere. But one aspect which truly distinguishes it from other popular tourist destinations is the one already mentioned before, i.e. the adaptability of its lands and waters to suit the need and requirements of various sports, be it hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, skiing or camping.

But one of its most thriving and growing sports in the land is Mountain Biking.

Mountain biking in Eagle, Colorado

The entire state of Colorado, as a whole is extremely involved in sport, so much so that they have acquired the title of being the fittest state in the whole of US. And that is not just a gimmick to boost its image; the whole of the land and its people enjoys every bit of its blessed outdoors. But recently the sport which has soared to the top of the list of almost everyone’s personal favorite is mountain biking.

In fact, biking has become so popular that the town has been equipped with more trailheads than can be finished in one weekend, and the accessibility been largely expanded; the local people can even use their driveways as their trailheads. The town has been developed to accommodate this town spirit and has developed multiple biking trailheads all over. Therefore as the mayor of Eagle Yuri Kostick says “No matter where you’re in town, you’re a short ride away to a dirt trailhead”. In fact mayor Kostick has been named the “Mayor of Mountain Biking” and the town been named the Mecca of mountain biking.

The trails are of top notch quality and the proximity of the county makes it one of the closest getaway options for Denver. Further there are a variety of trails available to suit the skill set of one and all sorts of riders. This makes the trails one of the most suitable ones for school students, the budding enthusiasts of mountain biking. Tons of races are held at these trails at different times of the year and each year sees enormous turnouts, like the Haymaker Trail races. Then there are also the state championship races for high school students which are to be held this fall. In this race the 6-mile course will be open to the public together with a BMX track and a professionally reconstructed downhill run known as the Pool and Ice Trail that concludes at the town’s recreation complex.

The climatic conditions of the county and the altitude of 6,600 feet gives it an advantage over other similar tourist spots, as it remains dry, comfortable and varied to suit the needs of the sport. Further to boost this sector the Eagle Town Board has agreed to allocate $60,000 for trail construction, and on the insistence of the Mayor a private owner has given up a part of his own property for the construction of a custom-built trail, that has become the favorite among many.

So if you’re a mountain bike rider, no matter what your skill set or age in the outdoors is, Eagle County will have something in store for you.

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