Yoga in the park: One of the many attractions of Eagle flight days

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The summer season is finally here ladies and gentlemen and with this season Eagle County brings to you its upcoming summer celebrations, the Eagle county Fair and rodeo and its preceding flight days. Both events are now long standing traditions of the County as the former has been celebrated for more than 7 decades while the latter is inching closer to completing its hundredth celebration. Each event promises family style fun and games in which each and every local as well as visitor can partake and create memories to last a lifetime.

Eagle flight days

These are a three day weekend fun package which offers events and competitions for one and all. On one hand you will find pets in costumes contests, while on the other hand there will be those to celebrate the toddlers of the town. There will also be tons of activities for us adults including runs, Flapjack Feed, orchestras, parades, kids crafts events etc.

But one of the events which I will be personally on the lookout for is the ‘Yoga in the park’.

Yoga in the park

Details – It will be held on Sunday, 30th of June. The timings fixed for 9.30 a.m. to 10.45 a.m. and the venue where the event will be held at is Eagle Town Park.

What – It is a recurring event where this year too as like the preceding ones, yoga of all levels will be taught to the attendees. Professional instructors from the field will be donating their time for free to all those who are interested to attend it. The event is opened for all for free of charge but it is a fund raising effort so donations are accepted from those who volunteer, for helping out certain charities.

Reasons to attend it

These days no matter how much we try, not all of us can make time for a gym but we all do aim to keep our weight and health in check. Yoga is something one can do on one’s own; it does not require bulky equipments or any particularly designated area or even constant supervision once we’ve got the hang of things. Further yoga not only helps us keep in shape, it is also great for mental peace and clearing of our minds, which has become of utmost importance to us today. So when on a Sunday morning I get the chance to perfect old ‘asanas’ and pick up new ones from experts, that too free of charge, while donating for a worthy cause, I do not need any more convincing. I immediately make a beeline for such an event. Oh and also the entire event is held in the beautiful Eagle Town Park, so it is a treat for eyes, mind and body i.e. it is the complete package.

So, if you’re in town this weekend, be sure to attend the events organised for the 3 day weekend. No matter what your preferences are, you’re sure to find something of your interest in the plethora of activities offered by Eagle County.

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