Upcoming barrel racing at the Rockies

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The stunning natural terrain of Colorado makes it one of the best nature made playgrounds on earth; just a bit of tweaking here and there was all that was needed to convert it to a full-fledged adventure destination. Do not believe what you read? Then check out the health statistics of the state as compared to the rest of the country as it is widely accepted that Colorado hosts the healthiest citizens in the whole of U.S. and all of this is owed to the clean and crisp air and adventure sports facilitating grounds of the state.

Sports meet fun

Colorado, as mentioned above is characterized by stunning topography all over- the rolling mountains, lush greeneries, stretches of fields, tracks, water bodies etc. enables the practicing of various sports like mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rafting etc. In fact the state is so famous for these activities that people and sports enthusiasts come from the world over and visit Colorado to experience it for themselves.

Apart from the open for all game tracks and facilities, Colorado also hosts a variety of sporting events, open for any and every kind of participant- age, gender, talent, experience level, no bar. These events are held throughout the year, most on a seasonal and annual basis and apart from the main athletic events, the programs also have a number of entertainments packed in like carnival games, local food and beverages showcases, costume competitions etc. Among such events, one of the upcoming attractions is the Race the Rockies Barrel Race June 7-8.

Things to know about barrel racing

For those who are wondering what the event is all about- barrel racing is a kind of a rodeo event in which a horse and a rider try to complete a pattern of a clover leaf, around a number of previously arranged barrels. The sport is a timed one, so the winner is the one who finishes the pattern in the shortest span of time.

The event is participated in by both women and men in the amateur level; however in the professional or expert settings, it is mostly a sport predominated by women. So if you are a riding expert or enthusiast, but have never participated in such an event, make sure to drop by the upcoming June 7 to 8th event at the Rockies. However, even if you are not much of a rider, you can simply take part in the whole event as a spectator and your share of fun will be no less, for the people of Colorado are excellent at making strangers and visitors feel at home. Further, the events are mostly peppered with stalls offering the best of the state’s food and drinks, so you can make it a family weekend out of the whole thing too.

Just remember the event’s almost round the corner, on the 7th and 8th of June. For further information on the sport you can look up the barrel racing related sites online.

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