Independence Day celebration at Eagle, Colorado

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No matter how much we advance and become modern, no matter how far we move away from our homes and our land, one event which binds all of us together at our roots is the day of the birth of our nation i.e. the Independence Day.

The feeling of togetherness

4th of July is not just another holiday for any of us, there is sense of belonging, a pride that is not arrogant which is associated with it that each and every one of us feels.  Ever since the fateful day in the year 1776, the day has been marked with celebrations being carried out throughout the land. The typical celebratory festivities have included parades, concerts, family gatherings, barbeques and stunning displays of fireworks. Today many of us have spread throughout the globe due to various reasons, but no matter where we are situated we celebrate this very special day in our own way; the more fortunate among us are able to get back to our beloved sate to be with our families on the 4th while the less fortunate ones have to make do where we are. But notwithstanding our physical location, the spatial distance between us, the feeling we share is the same- the feeling of oneness and belonging.

Keeping this very feeling and spirit in our minds, every state arranges its own set of functions and events to honour this day in their own way. It is not fair to pit each state’s effort against the other as in the heart of each is the wish to give a fitting tribute to the effort of our forefathers, to honour the blessings we have received due to their endeavours. Keeping that in mind let me say that the celebration at Eagle Colorado is something not to be missed (no disrespect to any other state of course).
*Note -The celebrations might spill over a few days so the official dates for Independence Day Celebration July TBD i.e. to be decided. Eagle Colorado and the 4th July

Eagle, Colorado is known for its sports and game obsessed nature. Be it the people or the visitors, no matter who they are, it can be stated with conviction that during their stay in the region they are bound to indulge in some or the other outdoor activities. Hence, it is natural that the locals choose to honour the most beloved day in the nation in a celebration which involves some or the other sort of sport. Thus, Eagle hosts a bicycle parade on the 4th of July and it is open to all, but that’s not it. The parade leads to the Eagle town park and here the fun continues through lots of games and prizes, and of course no mass celebration is complete without the necessary treats.

Once you’re done with the parade, the games and stuffing yourself with carnival food the actual treat begins, without which the Independence Day remains a bit incomplete i.e. a spectacular fireworks show. All in all, a fun filled day with your family and friends is guaranteed, so decorate your bikes on the day before and make beeline for the Brush Creek Park, where the parade begins.

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