Eagle County fair and rodeo: family style fun and celebration for all ages

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Parties or any kind of celebration for grownups seem to be of broadly 3 kinds. Either they are a) Fancy indoor parties with a posh crowd, sober and mature decor and food to satisfy equally delicate and mature palate. Then there is the other kind b) the ones with their loud music, people dancing or yelling above the music trying to be heard and again catered food, and finally, c) parties for children which the adults in their lives are obligated to attend no matter how old the children become.

All other kinds of parties or merrymakings are permutations and combinations of these three fundamental kinds; it’s rarely that we adults get a chance to have a good time outdoors and let loose ourselves, especially like we used to when we were children or at least substantially younger. Only when certain carnivals or fairs are in town that we can relive some of our childhood days and their best memories; it is the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, a celebration which addresses this exact problem.

Eagle County Fair and Rodeo July 23-26

Every year the town of Eagle, Colorado opens up its doors to all locals and visitors alike for partaking in numerous celebrations. The thing is Eagle as town really knows how to have quality fun with the collective, so there is always some or the other event being hosted in the area that celebrates everything from the local food, athletic interests, charity events etc. But the topic of discussion here is the annual county fair and rodeo.

This year the celebration is moving into its 76th birthday and the dates fixed are the same as before set at the end of July, specifically July 23-26. Over these 3 days the Eagle community will host an authentic county fair and rodeo for one and all.

The events of the program

As the years have passed and the program has grown older it has however not lost its quality. The events on offer over the 3 days span are more or less what they have always been. There will be regular fair exhibits, carnival rides, contest with prizes along with numerous rodeo oriented events.

The rodeo based programs include livestock shows, the PRCA Rodeo, Junior Livestock Auction as well as the Texaco Country Showdown. Apart from these there will also be 4-H shows and all of these will be complemented with all kind of carnival food and treat stalls as well as a Buckin’ Brew fest.

The entire package promises to be a fun filled experience for all ages, so whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to clean your appointment books for the dates 23- 26th July and get your tickets for some fit for grownups merrymaking, children style. For further information on the event and its tickets you can look up the numerous online sites including the following.


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