Why mountain biking is good for you

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The name of the town of Eagle and the activity of mountain biking can almost be used interchangeably now; thanks to the beautiful trails throughout the town, and people’s obsession with it. In fact, some of the trails you find here can be safely called the best trails in all of US.  So whether you’re a local community member or a visitor, if you take interest in this adrenaline filled activity, then you’re truly fortunate to be in Eagle especially with the grand trail opening   just round the corner. However, if you still aren’t sure whether or not you want to take up the sport, here are some reasons to give you the needed push.

  1. Massive workout – The first reason is quite an obvious one, to get into shape and remain fit. At first, it might get a bit difficult, especially when you ascend a rather steep and craggy hill. But, once you get to the top, firstly the view is almost always more rewarding than the initial pain of the workout; secondly, the ascent is one of the most enjoyable parts of these activities. No matter what your age, the thrill will make you feel like a kid.
  2. More natural than mechanical – This energetic sport will take you to the most natural, pollution free areas around you. The trails are almost always through a path of thick greenery. Further, the absence of the carbon dioxide emitting cars helps in keeping the air crisp and clean. You’ll be away from the clatter and commotion of the cities with nature, and this tranquil environment will not only help your body but your mind too.
  3. The people – I am not speaking out of some bias, rather it has been agreed by many who have taken up mountain biking, that the people who accompany you, whether friends or strangers, are almost always relaxed and laid back.  The journey becomes about you enjoying the sport and not some competition to check out who can reach the top first. Somehow mountain biking seems to attract people who are warm, good-natured and laid back.
  4. The competitions – Even if you’re all about the ride and enjoying it, you can participate in one or two competitions to get a sense of accomplishment if not to prove that you’re the best. Programs like Eagle’s ‘1ST ANNUAL TRAIL GRAND OPENING BASH’, which is to take place on the 26th of April is one such events. The grand trail opening which is organised by Eagle along with The Cycle Effect and The Dusty Boot are the perfect blend of the sport and having a fun time. The event will offer lots of prizes for the big winners; opportunity to get into some yoga, sampling the best brews of the town and of course performances by bands.

These are some of the most basic yet most important reasons that convinced me to get into the sport. However, if you’re thinking of mountain biking in Eagle just now, you should bear in mind that on April 15, 2014 Town of Eagle trails open for the season. All Town of Eagle open space trails open for the season until December 15th. Please respect the winter trail closures to protect wintering wildlife and to avoid damage to roads or trails during wet conditions all day.


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