The 9 Health Fair of Colorado – an admirable and effective state initiative

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Thanks to its natural terrain and fresh air, Colorado is the fittest state in all of US. Anyone who has visited the state or even knows a little about it will know that the people of the state take their sports and outdoor activities rather seriously, in fact the entire tourism sector of the state is largely dependent on these activities. Even the carnivals, shows and events organised from time to time within a span of a year are usually sports based.

However this does not mean that the state is chockfull of adrenaline junkies or sport enthusiasts who don’t know anything outside the outdoors activities; in fact once the games are done with, out comes the live bands, unlimited beer, carnival attractions and food etc. In short, Colorado is a state which takes sports and fun rather sincerely.

As mentioned above, Colorado holds the title of the healthiest state in the United States, this is not just a stroke of luck or a onetime occurrence rather the state actively strives towards providing and maintaining the best health for all of its community members. One milestone effort of the state in this direction is its annual 9 Health Fair.

9 Health Fair

This has been a longstanding tradition of the state, to be specific this year the fair steps into its 35th chapter.

What is it?

It is an annual affair where free health screenings and education are provided to the people of Colorado. These screenings help every individual keep a tab on their health without running expensive lab tests on themselves, while the education helps spread the much needed awareness especially among school goers. Certain expensive blood tests which would run you anything north of $150 can be attained at this fair for as mere an amount as $30.

9 Health fair -a quick recap

Every year this program provides free of charge health screenings, health awareness through education and proper medical follow up suggestions and recommendations thus ensuring the health and welfare of  approximately 85,000  community members of Colorado. The entire health program is carried out usually at around some 140 fair sites across the state, and this colossal task is headed by a tremendous group of about 15,000 medical and non-medical volunteers. What is even remarkable is that each year the number of volunteers seems to skyrocket, so those in charge of the program devote considerable time to create the best possible team from the willing volunteers. The finalized group which contains a staggering number of 15,000 sustain the program for almost the next 3 decades.

Last year alone this fair was able to cater to the health need of a diverse group of 85,000. The educational program had been able to cover about 22,000 K-12 students, who had taken part in the fair’s free for schools “In the Classroom” activity.  This is a notable achievement and safeguards the future of thousands through direct and peer to peer actions.

This year the program has already started off and is going to cover about 130 sites around the state. Further information can be found on the state administrative sites.

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