Mountain biking in Eagle, Colorado

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If you have not heard about Eagle County, Colorado yet you have been painfully unaware about one of the best places in US, and if you have heard about it but still not visited it then you are just being a fool.

Eagle County, Colorado

Eagle County, Colorado is home to a community of the warmest bunch of people you’ll ever meet, living in an equally naturally beautiful locale. This snug little valley based village has a number of outstanding qualities about it, like the aforementioned friendly people, beautiful surroundings and additionally some of the best biking trails you’ll ever find. In fact thanks to Eagle Mayor, Yuri Kostick, no matter where you are in the area, you’ll always be just a stone’s throw away from a decent trail.

But don’t worry if you are not an avid practitioner of this sport or are accompanied with those who are still uninitiated, the trails in the area designed to suit the skill set of anyone.

The trails – for beginners or those who want to take it easy, there are the haymaker trails and those in the Eagle ranch; for the rest there are tons of options off the Bone yard, namely the Ice Trail and Pool. Further, if you’re really involved in the sport and look forward to the adrenaline rush, you’ll find even longer trails along West Eagle.

But that’s not where the fun stops, you see, the people of Eagle take their sports pretty seriously, and what they take most seriously is having fun with these sports. Thus, they have plenty of events and programs designed to be held throughout the year celebrating the town, its people and the different kind of sports made possible thanks to the natural trail of the area.

Mountain bike race series

There are tons of events you can participate in or attend at Eagle, but in keeping with the topic in discussion, I will just talk about the upcoming biking races. The closest one in line is the ‘The 2014 Vail Beaver Creek Mountain Bike Race Series’.

Presently running into its 31st year this bike series race is one of the most sought after events of the area. It celebrates everything the Eagle-Vail, even Colorado in general stands for, sportsmanship, an enjoyable time and community feeling. No matter what your level of expertise is in the sport, you can sign up for the sporting event. What is even better is that age is not a barrier in the race, so if you happen to be in the area with your family and all of you are into the sport, then you can participate as an entire family (you will feel like an athletic Von Trapp family). Also, this year the stakes are pretty high too as over 1700 riders will competing against each other for prizes worth over $30k and cash prize of over $5k.

However, if you would rather stay back and enjoy as a viewer or if it is too late for you to sign up as a participant, you can step into the shoes of an enthusiastic spectator and apart from the game enjoy the local beers abundantly available in the event


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