Hike on the Lake Charles Trail

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August 7thth 2013, just back from a hike on the Lake Charles trail, just along the town of Eagle, Colorado. For anyone of any level of fitness or experience, to hike in Eagle Colorado is to enjoy some of the best scenic views in the entire United States. The Lake Charles trail is one of the easier trails around Eagle, and at some 11 miles in length, it shouldn’t be rushed.

Although the trail takes a long incline upwards through a narrow valley, the incline isn’t too demanding. It is an ideal trail for children of all ages, although I would say for little ones under 5 or 6 years old, expect to carry them at some point.

For grandpas and grandmas with a lessened or reduced level of fitness it is a good trail, not too much undulation and void of any steep climbs, but still a good workout. With the grandchildren along with us we all had a great time.

Scenic views

The trail being in a valley doesn’t afford scenic views till you emerge at the Lake Charles end, but what you miss in scenery you’ll more than make up for in sounds and sights in the valley. There is abundant wildlife, so keep your eyes and ears open. The scenery at the Lake end is more alpine in nature with lots of pine trees as you might expect at elevations of 7,000 feet or so.

Fishing and camping

There are some magnificent fishing spots along the trail, in particular the fishing at Lake Charles. We also took a detour up to Mystic Island Lake which also offers fishing. If you have the gear and like to spend time camping, there are some ideal camping spots just off the trail, as well as at the top end. However, Eagle and the surrounding area is a camper’s paradise and you’ll be spoiled for choice. You may need to set more time aside for a longer stay to make the most of what is on offer.


On the two days of our hike we were unfortunate not to see any bears, although it is fair to say that they are less likely to be in view when youngsters are making a lot of noise. Their eyes were everywhere and unsurprisingly it was one of them who saw the fox first. Certainly, the children were very excited at seeing their first fox in the wild.

A word of advice; keep the camera ready for just such a photo opportunity. The wildlife moves very fast and if the camera isn’t ready you’ll miss the opportunity.

The trails in and around the Eagle, CO locale offer a wide variety for all levels and abilities; many of the trails are ideal for running. If you’re into running these trails will challenge you. If you relish the challenge you will get an enormous amount of fun as well as satisfaction at taking on the trails and beating Mother Nature.

Colorado and in particular the area around Eagle is a closely guarded secret by those in the know. We are so glad we found Eagle and have a wonderful time every time we venture there. Now we are introducing a new generation to the trails, the wildlife, the pastimes and the wonderful scenery and hospitality we find from everyone we meet.

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